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7 Golden Blend (RX1440)

Introducing the "7 Golden Blend" rum, a unique creation produced in multiple countries and selected and bottled by the independent bottler Banks. Distilled using both Pot and Column Still methods, this rum boasts an ABV of 43%. With aromatic notes of woody, dried figs, bourbon, dried fruit, and cream toffee, the flavor profile presents a mix of oak, spicy, bitter, leather, and intense elements. RumX users appreciate its complexity, especially when used in cocktails. The palate offers various layers, from tropical fruits to European influences, while the finish lingers with woody tannins, dried fruits, and a hint of cocoa. A delightful and intriguing choice for rum aficionados!

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of 7 Golden Blend is based on 11 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

Nosing impressions

Woody Dried figs Bourbon Dried fruit Cream toffee Spicy Roasted Tropical fruit Papaya Arrack

Taste impressions

Oak Spicy Bitter Leather Intense Elegant Arrack Armagnac Woody Dried figs


Woody Tannins Dried apricot Cocoa Bitter Vanilla

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.3 /1011 ratings

Community Rating

Already 11 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.3 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„I’m going through my cocktail rums and this is one of my more recent acquisitions. It’s one of the go-to rum for haute cocktail bar Death & Company and I can see why. Great price, surprisingly complex flavor from the mix of 7 nation sources (mostly english style). Highly recommended assuming you can get it for under 30 euros. Not terrible as a sipper but straight up great as a cocktail rum.“

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„The nose is rather round with notes of tropical fruits and roasted coffee. The palate is much more spice dominant with some lingering fruits but more European then tropical. The finish is medium in length. With woody tannins and dried fruits and a cocoa note. Overall this is a very nice rum and much better than expected. An interesting taste with the Indonesian arrack very much visible.“


Papaya Dried figs Coffee


Oak Clove Grapes Coffee
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„ganz in Ordnung, die Nase verspricht viel. geschmacklich dann etwas langweilig. der Banks 5 kann hier definitiv mehr.“


Arrack Woody Dried figs Bourbon Spicy


Spicy Elegant Arrack Armagnac Woody
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„Beaucoup de saveur en fond de palais, sensation d’amertume agréable“


Woody Dried figs Cream toffee


Bitter Intense

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What are the key data of the rum?

Pot and Column Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

The RumX community has already added 19 bottles to their collections:








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