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William Hinton 5 Casks Edition (24 Days Of Rum Advent Calendar 2022) 3yr 45%

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“Complex wood and vanilla notes, unique but an acquired taste.”

Introducing the "5 Casks Edition (24 Days Of Rum Advent Calendar 2022)" rum, a unique creation from Madeira's William Hinton distillery and bottled by 1423 World Class Spirits. This rum has spent 3 years aging in a variety of casks, including Madeira wine, whisky, brandy, and wines from Portugal and Spain. With a 45% ABV, users have found it to have a fruity, woody, and vanilla aroma accompanied by the distinctive smell of bicycle tube. The flavor has been described as overripe and alcoholic, with notes of dried fruit, spice, and sweetness. Community members had mixed reactions to this rum, with some appreciating its complexity while others found the taste and background aroma somewhat overwhelming. Some highlighted the long finish, whereas others were not a fan of the chalky mouthfeel. Overall, the "5 Casks Edition" is an intriguing rum with diverse tasting notes and a wide range of opinions among the tasting community.

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How does this rum taste?

The "5 Casks Edition" offers a contentious blend, with wood and vanilla prevailing amidst an earthy undertone. However, a consistent chalky mouthfeel and harsh alcohol presence leave many unimpressed, despite its bold attempt at complexity.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Fruity Woody Overripe BicycleTube Sulphur Honey


Alcoholic Overripe Dried fruit Spicy Sweet Vegetal


Overripe Woody Warm Vegetal Alcoholic Olive

Community reviews

5.6/1060 ratings
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“Nez sur les fruit très mûr, légèrement boisé il y a aussi un côté apre et souffré pas très agréable ( à mon goût ) En bouche ce n'est pas terrible non plus, même trame que le nez avec un alcool pas très bien intégré. La longueur est courte a moyenne avec un côté saumure et olive”


Fruity Overripe Sulphur Woody Unknown


Overripe Alcoholic Woody Sweet Spicy
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“Sample no.20 of the 24 days of rum calendar 2022. Harsh on the nose with tequila and port. After it sets more notes of vanilla and dried fruits comes forward. On the palate there is a fermented overripe taste of dried fruits and barrel.”


Port Tequila Fruity Vanilla Dried figs


Alcoholic Barrel Dried fruit Fermented Overripe
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“No, no, no. It tastes worse than it smells. The only substance that I can smell, and this is overriding every other tones I can sense, is a crushed penicilin pill. Taste is rather harsh with earthy/vegetal tones supported by chemical synthetic taste that leaves a chalky feeling on the tongue. Only mild sweetness (but it is there). However, I am not a fan. The biggest plus is for the length of finish which is really long. Too bad for me because I don't like the taste of this rum. God that chalky feeling on the tongue is weird.”


Medicinal Bitter Chemical Solvents Alcoholic


Woody Vegetal Earthy Solvents Synthetic

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What are the key facts about this rum?

3 years
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About the William Hinton distillery

The William Hinton distillery is located in Madeira. Rums from William Hinton have been reviewed 260 times with an average of 6.0/10.

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