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Asmussen Old Jamaica Rum 73%

RX14221 Excellent
“Incredibly fruity, historic rum with endless, delicious finish. Truly amazing!”

Dive into a timeless Jamaican treasure with the Asmussen Old Jamaica Rum, a legendary spirit distilled from molasses and boasting a potent 73% ABV. This rum garners accolades for its breathtaking aroma and taste profile, brimming with overripe pineapple, grilled pineapple, coconut, and an array of tropical fruits. Described as having a beautiful, oily mouthfeel and an endless finish that revolves around pineapples and an ensemble of fruits, its high ester content delivers an overwhelming mix of esters, fruits, astringency, and alcohol, all harmoniously blended. Despite its age, this rum preserves a fresh, vibrant character, offering a historical yet delicious experience that surpasses many modern counterparts. Experience the magic of a nearly century-old rum that captivates with its fruity, funky essence and leaves a lasting impression.

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How does this rum taste?

Tasting the Asmussen Old Jamaica Rum is like traveling back in time. Incredible fruity aromas, especially overripe pineapple and coconut, blend with a high ester kick. Despite its strong 73% ABV, it's surprisingly smooth with a lasting, fruit-filled finish. An unforgettable historic delight.

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Funky Fruity Tropical fruit Ester


Tropical fruit Fruity Ester


Fruity Tropical fruit

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“Einfach krass. Schlägt quasi alle modernen Hampdens. 100 Jahre alt, 73%, beste Nase die ich bei einem Jamaikaner je hatte. Unfassbar gute Alkohol integration.”

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“A very fruity nose of tropical and yellow fruits. The alcohol is terribly well integrated. On the palate, you can clearly feel the kick of the alcohol (73%!), but immediately afterwards the fruit invades the palate. The finish is long and lingering, with a hint of dried fruit. Quite a big difference between the rather sweet nose and the palate, which is still very lively for its age. Perhaps due to the fact that the bottle was opened about a year ago? A historic and delicious rum, which doesn't always go together.”


Fruity Tropical fruit Funky


Fruity Tropical fruit
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“Explosion of estery fruits, alcohol perfectly integrated. Wonderful in every possible way. It packed a whopping 73% but it was not noticeable. Best guess was a HV Hampden at +60% Never tasted anything like it. Probably never will again 🥲 No words, only love 😍”


Funky Ester


Tropical fruit Ester

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