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Enmore Rum Sponge No. 15 (RX13722)

342 EUR

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Excellent 244 bottles Above 250€

Discover the magnificent "Rum Sponge No. 15" from the renowned Enmore distillery in Guyana, bottled by the prestigious independent bottler Decadent Drinks LTD. This limited edition, 29-year-old rum that has been distilled in 1992 from molasses with a Pot Still, boasts an impressive cask strength ABV of 58.4%. Savor the delightful symphony of aromas enveloping your senses with notes of licorice, roasted, toasted, and smoky undertones. Dive into the unparalleled, complex flavor profile featuring licorice, tobacco, leather, prunes, and caramel, which seamlessly blend to provide a luxurious and memorable tasting experience. This Enmore gem is revered for its delicate balance of dark and intense flavors, combined with a sublime finesse and smooth finish. Elegant and sophisticated, this exquisitely matured rum has earned its place among the elite group of 1992 Enmore releases, enchanting rum connoisseurs with its distinctive and extraordinary character. Treat yourself to a sip of the "Rum Sponge No. 15" and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled excellence, impressive complexity, and unique refinement - a true treasure for the most discerning of palates.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Rum Sponge No. 15 is based on 37 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Rum Sponge No. 15 is an exceptional offering from the revered Enmore distillery. It impresses with its well-balanced and robust profile, harmoniously blending dark, spicy woods, leather, licorice, and dried fruits. The intriguing complexity rewards those who grant it ample attention.

Nosing impressions

Licorice Roasted Leather Prunes Toasted Tobacco Dark Smoky Caramel Allspice

Taste impressions

Licorice Tobacco Leather Prunes Roasted Caramel Chocolate Oak Vanilla Woody


Tobacco Licorice Dried fruit Barrel Vanilla Chocolate Tea Leather Spice Caramelized

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How does the community rate this rum?

9.1 /1037 ratings

Community Rating

Already 37 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 9.1 out of 10. A total of 19 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Lots of dark, toasty associations. Lots of licorice and plums. Demanding rum that needs a lot of attention, but then rewards with an uncanny complexity and sophistication. Outstanding 1992 Enmore!“


Licorice Dark Roasted


Licorice Tobacco Leather Caramel
Profile picture of user

„Wow! Enmore at its finest: licorice, leather, plum, wood...positive surprise! For me, in the absolute top group of 1992 Enmores, because here, despite the many heavy flavors, an almost filigree profile is created, which comes along a little less heavy than the other releases, but exactly by this "lightness" in a positive sense independence. Downright noble - or simply excellent.“


Barrel Leather Licorice Clove Allspice


Oak Licorice Leather Tobacco Caramel
Profile picture of user

„Un très vieil enmore avec ses marqueurs typiques : boisé sombre, pruneaux confits, chocolat, épices, vieux cuir. C'est super bon, super bien fait. Très belle sélection. Merci a l'application et à rum sponge pour le jeu qui m'a permis de gagner les samples!“


Dark Roasted Leather Allspice Prunes


Caramel Roasted Chocolate Prunes Woody
Profile picture of user

„An Enmore from a surprisingly unexplored vintage, despite its incredible qualities. The nose is very warm, bursting with spices of all kinds (pepper, licorice, vanilla) that combine well with the dark, sweet oakiness typical of Enmore of yesteryear. Empyreumatic notes (smoke, roast, tobacco) are counterbalanced by prunes, raisins, tea and aromatic herbs. A homogeneous, intense and elegant nose. On the palate, a gripping, complex and aromatic rum is revealed. Empyreumatic flavors lend a dark, powerful edge to the palate. This sensation is reinforced by wood, leather and dried fruit, giving a warmer, more tannic feel on the palate. However, floral, tea and herbal scents provide a welcome breath of freshness that balances everything out. The alcohol is well integrated. The interminable finish is bitter, heavy and rich, with notes of dried fruit, tobacco, wood, spice and empyreum. A final, rather greedy but dry sensation that signals the end of the final bouquet. An exceptional Enmore, very well selected by the bottler.“


Dried fruit Prunes Tea Black tea Herbal


Prunes Raisin Dried fruit Leather Woody
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„A rum tasted online with Angus MacRaild. Strong color. Angus seemed proud of his choice for this Enmore, a distillery (mark) he considers the most interesting in Guyana. The nose is dark and deep, with sandalwood, licorice and fresh tobacco. The palate is a continuation of the nose, with more vigor. Still sandalwood and licorice, but also dried fruit (prunes). The finish is long, with the same sandalwood, woodiness and freshness. I never tire of smelling the empty glass, which tells a medieval story of a castle smelling of smoke, with the door to the herbalist's shop wide open. My favorite of the evening.“


Licorice Smoky Tobacco Sandalwood


Sandalwood Licorice Dark Prunes
Profile picture of user

„Wow, this is a very good Guyana. Extremely well balanced not only in the ABV but also the wood. Usually this old rums are dominated by the wood, but not this one. Fruity with some really nice spices and caramel. The finish is extremely long and nice. I had to drink water 3 times before I was ready for the next sample! Draws really nice curtains in the glass and the empty glass is equally wonderful and I can pick up some chocolate and faint leather.“


Roasted Woody Raisin Caramel Plum


Woody Roasted Caramel Vanilla Plum
Profile picture of user

„Wow. Tatsächlich mein erster Enmore 1992 und das ist eine herausragende Abfüllung. Man kann ewig riechen & schmecken und findet ständig etwas Neues. Tolle Erfahrung den trinken zu dürfen im April Lottery Tasting mit Angus. Auch spannend die Hintergrundstory zu hören.“

Profile picture of user

„Rum Sponge - RumX-live-Tasting, der Dritte des Abends und für mich eine Highlight, wie ich auch erwartet hatte. Alt und echte Fassstärke. Nase: unheimlich dichte und intensive Aromen. Sehr vollmundig und delikat. Sehr dunkel-röstig und dabei doch fruchtig. Getrocknete Pflaume, getrocknete Aprikose und getrocknete Bitterorange. Hinzu kommen viel Lakritze, Backgrwürz und Leder sowie alte Möbelpolitur. Eine Nase zum ewig dran schnüffeln. 9,2 Gaumen: ja wunderbar! Vollmundig, intensiv und doch ausgewogen. Holzig-röstig-würzig, aber von allem nicht zu viel. Ein ordentlicher Schuss Holzsäure zu Beginn, dahinter Lakritze, fette Pekanuss, Umami, vielleicht auch Tonkabohne. Viel sauer-herber Melassesirup. Aber auch getrocknete Pflaume und getrocknete Blutorange. Tolles Aroma 9,2“


Intense Concentrated FullBodied Delicious Spicy


Concentrated FullBodied Balanced Spicy Licorice
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„Ein sehr dunkler, floraler und rauchiger Enmore, mit ordentlicher Ladung Erde und Leder. Viel Frucht gibt es leider nicht. Ganz kurz sogar etwas Speck an der Nase, was mich eher abstoßt als anmacht. Dunkel, viel Leder, würzig und erdig im Mund. Zum Glück dann etwas mehr Frucht mit schwerer Süße im Abgang. Insgesamt leider nicht meine Lieblingsaromen, ich erkenne aber an, dass es sich hier um einen komplexen und hochwertigen Rum handelt.“


Smoky Roasted Dark Spice Licorice


Caramel Chocolate Tobacco Woody Earthy
Profile picture of user

„A very good Enmore that is missing a little fruit to reach the 90 or more points level. Still has a lot of aromas to give in both the nose and the mouth with a nice long finish.“


Licorice Roasted Toasted Dark Prunes


Licorice Tobacco Leather Roasted Caramel
Profile picture of user

„Kräftiger 1992er Enmore... schön ölig im Mund . Dunkle Früchte(Pflaume, Cassis,Beeren) Lakritz ...etwas Kandis . Bittere Schokolade und etwas dunkler Karamell. Toller Stoff !!“

Profile picture of user

„RumX Community lottery tasting and the highlight nicely placed in the middle. An Enmore that makes you shine. Not too intense there are others. But fantastically balanced and aromatically diverse. With a little time in the glass even a little spicier. There remains only thanks to RumX and Angus that I was allowed to try this great stuff 😊“


Licorice Prunes Allspice Smoky Toasted


Strong Leather Tobacco Licorice Earthy
Profile picture of user

„Without direct comparison, a rather dry, somewhat less fruity 92 Enmore with a lot of barrel influence.“

Profile picture of user

„Powerful and heavy aromas rise from the glass! After a while, however, delicate components such as fruit and esters join in. The alcohol does not interfere a bit. This is already off to an excellent start! On the palate, the impressions of the nose are mirrored almost one-to-one and the emphasis shifts towards wood, licorice and dark chocolate. It becomes bitter but not too bitter. The flavors stick to the palate for a very long time. With more fruitiness, this would be a near perfect rum for me. Unfortunately, these old Enmores are not cheap.“


Licorice Toasted Roasted Prunes Leather


Licorice Tobacco Leather Roasted Prunes
Profile picture of user

„Overall the best Sponge rum I’ve tasted. The aromas is a little weak but in mouth it’s just explodes, wowwww.“


Round Tobacco Smoky Leather Dark chocolate


Smoky Spicy Oak Round Tobacco

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What are the key data of the rum?

Rum Sponge
Made from
Pot Still
29 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Enmore distillery

The distillery Enmore is located in Guyana. Rums from Enmore have been reviewed 2,131 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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