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Worthy Park Rum-Bar White Overproof (RX1318)

"Unleash Jamaican Funk: Bold, Tropical, Potent Escape!"

Experience the vibrant and exhilarating taste of the Rum-Bar White Overproof, a Jamaican gem crafted at the renowned Worthy Park distillery. Distilled from Molasses using a Pot Still, this rum boasts an astounding 63% ABV, delivering a truly potent and memorable experience. Dive into the tropical essence of overripe bananas, fermented tropical fruits, and intriguing ester notes as you indulge in this rum with a funky kick. The vivacious aroma of this rum combines elements of tropical fruit, funky ester, glue, and banana, creating a unique and captivating scent. On the palate, you'll be met with bold flavors of tropical fruit, alcoholic intensity, overripe and ester notes, all infused with that unmistakable Jamaican funk. This exotic rum is perfect as a mixer, enhancing your cocktails such as a daiquiri or a rum and ting with its fruity and full-bodied character. The Rum-Bar White Overproof is an unmissable addition to any home bar, offering an unparalleled taste adventure for rum enthusiasts and mixologists alike. Explore its exceptional versatility in mixology, or dare to sip it neat for a true explosion of tropical flavor. Discover the power of this Jamaican overproof rum and enjoy a taste experience like no other.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Rum-Bar White Overproof is based on 67 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.


  • Tropical fruit explosion
  • Potent funky esters
  • Mixability in cocktails

Nosing impressions

Tropical fruit Funky Glue Banana Ester Vegetal Alcoholic Fruity Nail polish Sugarcane

Taste impressions

Tropical fruit Alcoholic Funky Overripe Ester Fruity Banana Pear Heavy Concentrated


Tropical fruit Vegetal Citrus Ester Bitter Banana Polish Nail polish Root Waxes

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.5 /1067 ratings


Already 67 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.5 out of 10. A total of 1 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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This is a pure pot stills rum consisting of a blend of WPEL, WPL and WPE rum from the Worthy Park distillery. The finish is just medium long and shorter than for the other white Jamaican Overproof’s. Overall it’s also the most pungent of the big Jamaican three.


Funky Pungent Fruity Olive Vegetal


Fruity Banana Pineapple Overripe Spice
Profile picture of user

In direct comparison with the W


Funky Glue Vegetal Tropical fruit Pear


Tropical fruit Alcoholic Funky Overripe Ester
Profile picture of user

This particular rum is very good mixed with grape or bitter lemon :-)

Profile picture of user

For the price a super White Overproof. Brings everything you expect from a Jamaican rum. Should not be missing in any home bar


Tropical fruit Glue Ester Floral Sugarcane


Tropical fruit Overripe Ester Glue Heavy
Profile picture of user

Sure it's a blender. Unbeatable with grapefruit. Pure but quite more exciting than some other WP - high ester Worthy Park is also rare. In the nose the full broadside of unripened Jamaicans: fermented tropical fruits (banana, pineapple), rather light adhesive notes. A slight sweetness greets you at the tip of the tongue, followed by the fruit basket from the nose, followed by fresh sugar cane with all its bitterness. In the rather short finish, the bitterness turns to citrus peel and lemon.


Ester Fermented Tropical fruit Banana Flowery


Sugarcane Tropical fruit Earthy Vegetal Funky
Profile picture of user

Pure not really a pleasure but great to mix. Very intense, fruity notes with banana.


Funky Tropical fruit Alcoholic


Tropical fruit Funky Banana Spicy Ester
Profile picture of user

Very strong banana smell, taste not bad. Tried with a bit of water which revealed more notes. Worth trying with few drops of water and see which you prefer. Have yet to used it in cocktail but will get to it eventually

Profile picture of user

For what it costs, it's pretty good. I use it as a mixer, but didn't think I'd like it that much on its own.

Profile picture of user

High power funk for drinks.


Glue Banana Tropical fruit Funky Ester


Tropical fruit Alcoholic Funky Overripe Ester
Profile picture of user

on the nose very pungent but in the taste is then this ingenious overripe pear in the foreground, but unfortunately also a lot of metallic and chemical notes but in the daiquiri for it ne Wucht are. solid thing for the money!


Funky Glue Pungent Pear Alcoholic


Concentrated Pear Glue Overripe Heavy
Profile picture of user

A very flavourful fierce white rum from Worthy Park.


Strong Alcoholic Ester Dry Intense


Sweet Alcoholic Strong Minty Papaya
Profile picture of user

It's hard to score this. It's meant for mixing, of course, and it's a lovely, fruity, slightly vegetal accent when added to a drink, but as tasted neat, only adding water to lower the ABV, it's horrendous. Interesting, but not pleasant. Mostly reminiscent of puking in my early twenties. The nose is great, though. Past the alcohol, green over ripe fruits, unripe banana. Some glue. Some nougat and melon and macaroons. Just hints of these. And something else I can't quite place. Something vegetal. Wet vegetation alongside a river or excavated from a dam. 86 as a mixer. 32 neat.


Papaya Glue Floral Macaroons Nougat


Alkali Alcoholic Sharp Floral Synthetic
Profile picture of user

It's not for everyone. Funk, hogo, whatever you call it - it's pungent and strong with this one. It's - nomen omen - bananas. I love it, I sip it neat, but you have to try it to know if you would too. No review will do it justice, it's just...odd. I dare you to try. Either you never look for it again or you will be always on the lookout. Probably good for coctails but that's a guess since I never made any ;)


Banana Funky Tropical fruit Ester


Tropical fruit Funky Overripe Banana Fruity
Profile picture of user

The most banana forwarded of the Jamaican Overproofs. This actually may be my favorite of the big three.


Tropical fruit Banana Glue Funky Citrus


Overripe Pear Alcoholic Banana
Profile picture of user

What's not to love with a full blown 63% overproof from Jamaica ... Beautiful flavours mixed with the funk ... Yes a home bar must

Profile picture of user

The nose is very spicy! Pure alcohol with notes of freshly cut herbs. It is very vegetal and funky in the Jamaican way! We find the typical exotic fruits (pineapple-fermented banana). In mouth it is just alcohol, it burns! If we are S


Glue Sugarcane Nail polish Fruity Banana


Glue Earthy Sugarcane Synthetic Funky

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What are the specs of this rum?

Made from
Pot Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

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About the Worthy Park distillery

The distillery Worthy Park is located in Jamaica. Rums from Worthy Park have been reviewed 2,506 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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