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Distilia Caroni Floral Rum Series Caroni Chaconia (Catawiki) 1998 24yr 60,2%

RX13128 Very good Single Cask 139 bottles Above 250€

Celebrate finer aspects of rum enjoyment with the Floral Rum Series Caroni Chaconia, a gem from Trinidad's esteemed Caroni distillery. This limited release, 24-year-old spirit, offers a charming balance, boasting aromas of rubber, ester, mango, rose, and fruits. The flavor profile is a magnificently unique blend of leather, woodsy notes, vanilla, mango, and herbs. Distinctly different from common Caroni rums, it leans more towards a fruity, floral profile evoking thoughts of ripe mangoes and a touch of lemon. Cask strength with a remarkably velvety texture, its sweetness eventually reveals a more complex palette of burnt rubber and a nutty touch, painting a broad strokes of flavor that truly makes this bottle a must-try for rum aficionados worldwide. Savor the intricate mix of notes in this exceptional rum.

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Rubber Ester Mango Rose Fruits Barrel


Leather Woody Vanilla Mango Herbal Tobacco


Barrel Tropical fruit Tar Coffee Warm Vanilla

Community reviews

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“A very good Caroni that I liked especially for its perfect balance and excellent aging. Both the nose and the taste is at a very high level. Especially by its ethereal florality, it stands out a little from other Caronis I have tasted so far. No idea in which fragrance profile the Chaconia is located, but flowers are definitely a small part of the aroma spectrum.”


Ester Rubber Mango Berries Cherry


Leather Woody Vanilla Herbal Mango
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“Nose What happens when you cross a beautiful V8 petrol engine with a bunch of flowers in your mind? Well, something like this first smell. It's a very, very atypical 1998 Caroni. Tons of raspberries. Fresh mangoes, rosewood and rose oil, demerara molasses and coconut oil. There is absolutely no rusty diesel exhaust pipes and burnt bicycle hoses as we know from most 1998s. That is a GOOD sign for our taste. From a distance, it is more reminiscent of the fruity, floral profile of the Caroni 1991 Velier (the one with the samba dancers). After a while, wine gum, strawberry Palate First impression: sweet, well balanced and very oily texture. Let's concentrate on the aromas now. Second impression: rape berries and strawberry jam, cedar. Also some roasted cassava and tamarind roots.”


Rose Mango Molasses Coconut Raspberry

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Floral Rum Series
Made from
24 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

503 €
Ø Market value

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About the Caroni distillery

The Caroni distillery is located in Trinidad. Rums from Caroni have been reviewed 6,573 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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