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Trois Frères Distillery Takamaka PTI Lakaz 3yr - 8yr 45,1%

RX12965 Very good Pot & Column Still Rum Under 50€

Experience the tropical allure of Seychelles with the Takamaka PTI Lakaz rum. Expertly crafted at the acclaimed Trois Frères Distillery, this rum delights with its distinctive aroma featuring notes of ripe pineapple, woody undertones, indulgent dark chocolate, and a ripple of oak for a truly immersive sensory experience. On the palate, Takamaka PTI Lakaz captivates with a flavour profile that marries fruity richness with the unique charm of young wood. Accents of cocoa further enrich the taste landscape, leading to a finish that retains a subtle roughness that is distinctly Seychellois. Dive into a wave of tropical fruits, experience the gourmandise of coconut and the remarkable depth of caramel, all backed by a light toastiness of aged wood. This rum is a cocktail of aromas and flavours that capture your senses, creating a profile that is both complex and delightful. Feel the fusion of Barbadian notes of sweet spice and muscadet harmoniously blend with Seychellois identity. Soak in the zesty freshness of Seychelles and relish every sip of this beautifully blended rum that boasts of a unique personality. A must-try for rum enthusiasts ready to explore a truly Seychellois spirit, the Takamaka PTI Lakaz rum transports you to the sun-kissed tropics, one sip at a time. Keywords: Takamaka PTI Lakaz, Seychelles rum, Trois Frères Distillery, fruity rum, woody notes, pineapple, dark chocolate, complex rum, Seychellois spirit, Caribbean spice, coconut, aged rum, tropical rum.

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Woody Pineapple Vanilla Toasted Dried fruit Coconut


Fruity Young wood Cocoa Woody Light Vanilla


Dried fruit Coconut Dark chocolate Toasted Vanilla Caramel

Community reviews

8.0/1016 ratings
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“Un rhum qui serait issu d’un mélange avec du Foursquare. Les marqueurs de la Barbade sont en tout cas présents au nez avec des épices douces (muscade) de la noix de coco bien gourmande, des fruits exotiques (ananas), des fruits secs, du caramel et un boisé légèrement toasté. On peinerait presque à trouver l’identité des Seychelles dans l’assemblage. L’attaque en bouche est de prime abord assez fade. On ressent une amertume peu avenante, une dilution notable et malgré tout une touche d’alcool qui déséquilibre le tout. Après aération, le jus se veut plus aromatique avec les fruits (banane, noix de coco) le cacao, le café, le caramel et le boisé fondu. La finale apporte un petit vent de fraîcheur avec les fruits avant de retomber dans les épices, le bois et le caramel. Un profil assez simpliste, pas mauvais mais qui a du mal à se créer une identité propre.”


Young wood Spice Vanilla Nutmeg Toasted


Fruity Young wood Cocoa Alcoholic Light
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“Surprisingly complex, fruity and tobacco notes.”

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“It’s a very nice expression. Recommended.”


Dark chocolate Fruity Woody Oak Resin


Fruity Woody Oak Young wood Barrel

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot & Column Still Rum
Made from
Molasses and sugar cane juice
Pot and Column Still
3 years - 8 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

39 €
Ø Market value

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About the Trois Frères Distillery distillery

The Trois Frères Distillery distillery is located in Seychelles. Rums from Trois Frères Distillery have been reviewed 332 times with an average of 7.0/10.

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