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Long Pond Swell & Co. Co-bottling series #4 ITP (RX12491)

Introducing the Swell & Co. Co-bottling Series #4 ITP, a unique rum from Jamaica's Long Pond distillery. Distilled in 2007 from molasses using a pot still and aged for 15 years, this limited release of 367 bottles has an impressive 68% ABV. With enticing notes of pastries, woody, banana, and fruitiness on the nose, and a taste profile involving vanilla, wood, spices, and tropical fruit, this rum boasts a well-balanced, complex flavor. Users have praised its powerful profile with tropical fruits and lingering warmth, making this rare release a must-try for rum enthusiasts.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Swell & Co. Co-bottling series #4 ITP is based on 54 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

Swell & Co. Co-bottling series #4 ITP offers a unique, low-ester profile, blending tropical fruitiness with robust woodiness and warm spices. Well-balanced with an ABV of 68%, its complex yet approachable character evokes pleasant surprises in every glass.

Nosing impressions

Pastries Woody Banana Citrus Fruity Coconut Spice Peppery Overripe Vanilla

Taste impressions

Vanilla Woody Spice Pastries Banana Tropical fruit Toasted Intense Brown sugar Smoky


Spicy Roasted Dry Toasted Round Chocolate Banana Tannins Confections Overripe

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.7 /1054 ratings

Community Rating

Already 54 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.7 out of 10. A total of 7 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Untypical Long Pond. Little ester and rather hints of the barrel-strong Appleton Hearts. Very intense and concentrated. Alcohol could be a bit better integrated. Nevertheless, exciting profile!“


Pastries Coconut Banana Woody Citrus


Toasted Spice Brown sugar Vanilla Intense
Profile picture of user

„Alkohol nicht so gut eingebunden. Insgesamt durch das Low Ester Mark etwas flach, aber schöne tropische Früchte.“

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„Extremely horny funky (low ester) long pond. Alcohol Top integrated and makes already after 5 minutes breathe really fun. Am very positively surprised by this bottling!🤤🇯🇲💣Kann for me loosely keep up with the previous velier 2007 bottlings! Hard to say which ester mark has been hit here.... From the sweet notes it could be a MBS from the fermented notes but also almost a TECA.... Supposedly it is an ITP! In any case, really cool stuff!Flavor flambé banana, orange zest and juice, black pepper, dark chocolate, some mint and coconut macaroons 🤤“


Ester Pastries Funky Tropical fruit Overripe


Fermented Ester Tropical fruit Black pepper Meringue
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„A very nice Long Pond. Warm and fruity with nice woodiness and spices. I like the roasted note in the background.“


Woody Anise Banana Vegetal Vanilla


Woody Vanilla Anise Intense Lemon
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„Il faut laisser du temps à ce rhum. Laissez la bouteille prendre un peu d'air. En faire autant pour chaque verre. On peut alors pleinement profiter de ce profil ultra évolutif : un mélange savant de fruits, de bois, de pâtisserie, de vanille, etc. C'est assez dingue comme il évolue. Tanins assez présents mais gourmandise pâtissière. Comme d'habitude avec les sélections de Mika Barbaria : un superbe rhum. Édit : Avec un goutte d'eau pour essayer de diminuer un peu le degré d'alcool, on ne perd pas la richesse de ce rhum. J'aurais bien aimé une petite réduction pour le rendre plus accessible finalement.“


Woody Pastries Banana


Vanilla Woody Banana Spice Orange
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„This LP is too immature for me ! He is characterized me too much of the spicy roasty side! Fruit is barely perceptible on the palate ! The alcohol also dominates me too much! Even after some time in the glass he does not win to it“


Woody Banana Spice Pastries Fruity


Vanilla Woody Spice Tropical fruit Intense
Profile picture of user

„Great Long Pond! After about 30 minutes in the glass, the full force of the aromas jumps out at me. First overripe banana, spice and wood/barrel. But also the alcohol is clearly felt in the nose. On the palate then the full broadside! Super intense and almost a bit much wood and bitterness to my taste. Reminds me slightly of the Flensburg Guyana KFM bottling of 2021 but this seems more complex to me (that would be a great comparison to taste the two side by side!)Very exciting long finish: the flavors of nose and palate emerge again and again. Excellent heavy rum!“


Banana Peppery Woody Fruity Coconut


Smoky Vanilla Spice Pastries Intense
Profile picture of user

„Indeed, not a typical LP. Very fruity and little ester.Nose: an intense and pleasant aroma spreads in the space around the glass. Superficially it is very tropical fruity with tart sweet passion fruit, fine coconut, and papaya, but next to it banana and a touch of apricot with cherry. At the same time it is full and spicy with vanilla and licorice. The barrel also comes through and is ready of white chocolate. Also noticeable is the intense, pleasant sweetness that reminds me of sugar syrup and caramel. A great round nose, the high ABV supports but is very well integrated. 90Palate: on the palate the alcohol is then not so well integrated. It is quite strong, astringent and bitter-salty-sour at the start. I then find some ester tones here as well. The bitter notes turn to lemon and orange peel, becoming increasingly metallic, spicy and woody. Toasted out the back, slightly toasty and some umami. Can't keep up with the nice nose on the palate. 82Nose very nice, palate too unbalanced and bitter. Overall, an interesting aloe-ester LP.“


Fruity Spicy Intense Round Banana


Astringent Ester Bitter Salty Unknown
Profile picture of user

„Strong release from Swell ! Well balanced and despite 68% really good to drink ... am actually rather fan of higher Ester Marks just at Long Pond but this clearly proves that there is also in the unterem range really good stuff ... great fruit, some wood, some bitterness in the finish and almost perfectly integrated alcohol make fun for more! Top“

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„Richtig geiler LP. ABV sehr sexy, aber Mark ist bisschen boring“

Profile picture of user

„Un long pond gourmand, sans les esters habituels, équilibré et suave, pâtissier. Profil rare pour cette distillerie. Très agréable.“

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„Rhum très puissant mais très intéressant“


Solvents Brown sugar Pineapple Mango


Tropical fruit Fruity Espresso Woody Passion fruit
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„Tasted after Velier Teca 2005. The wood and dryness is more pronounced, personally miss the fruit. Alcohol is detectable.“


Woody Pastries Banana Spice


Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit Spice
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„Un profil qui change des Long Pond que j'ai l'habitude de boire plus hauts en ester. C'est pas mal du tout mais pas forcément ce que j'apprécie le plus. Ça me rappelle la Appleton Heart Collection, en plus équilibré.“


Grass Anise Peppery Pastries Woody


Orange Anise Vanilla Woody Smoky
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„Rien à voir avec les LP habituels, il n’en demeure pas moins délicieux 🤤 d’abord une très belle robe, suivit d’un nez vraiment très agréable, ce profil de LP nécessite une vingtaine de minutes pour prendre le meilleur parti de tous les arômes. Très belle gourmandise et une longueur énorme 😍 En bref, atypique mais délicieux 😍🤩 Coup de cœur au passage car pour avoir déguster tous les rhums de Swell, c’est mon préféré ❤️ avec le NY“

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What are the key data of the rum?

Swell & Co.
Made from
Pot Still
15 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Long Pond distillery

The distillery Long Pond is located in Jamaica. Rums from Long Pond have been reviewed 2,906 times with an average of 8.5/10.

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