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Barikenn Engenho Novo Madeira 2016 6yr 53,4%

RX12461 Very good Column Still Rum Single Cask 284 bottles Under 100€
“Unique rum with robust port wine notes and well-integrated alcohol.”

Introducing the "Madeira," a unique limited-release rum produced at the Engenho Novo distillery in Madeira and bottled by Barikenn. Distilled in 2016 from Sugar cane juice using a Column Still, this rum delights the senses with 6 years of aging and an ABV of 53.4%. With only 284 bottles available, this rum boasts a remarkable aroma of Port, red fruits, woody notes, wine, and spice. On the palate, you'll enjoy flavors like red fruits, Port, roasted elements, acidity, and spice. RumX users have praised it for its fruity and port wine characteristics, with comments on its originality, complexity, and enjoyable taste. Discover this exceptional rum from Madeira and let your taste buds experience something truly special.

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How does this rum taste?

The Madeira Engenho Novo rum provides a unique blend of port wine, fruity and sweet notes, with a hint of caramel and coconut. Its high ABV is well-integrated, though some find the finish a bit brief. It's ideal for sipping or pairing with cheese and chocolate, but may not be everyone's cup of tea due to its distinctive character.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Port Woody Red fruits Spice Wine Hay


Red fruits Port Roasted Spice Caramel Acidic


Port Roasted Red fruits Earthy Roasted nuts Soft

Community reviews

8.0/1031 ratings
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“#19th dec RumXCalendar Blind tasting: Nose: licorice, dark chocolate, coconut Mouth: caramel, coconut, roasted, dark chocolate, vanilla, barrel notes Finish: long, woody, roasted, barrel notes I enjoyed it, but couldn’t find any notes of the port wine cask :/ I think it should be from Antigua ca.60% 6 years of aging”


Plum Woody Roasted Fruity Coconut


Balanced FullBodied Elegant Licorice Plum
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“An der Nase ausgesprochen blumig, mir kommt spontan Ringelblumensalbe in den Sinn 😂Portwein kann ich nicht riechen, eher schon Sherry. Am Gaumen würzig, und eine Wechselspiel zwischen malziger Süße und Säure, die auch den Abgang dominiert. Interessantes Teil, aber für eine ganze Flasche davon wäre er mir dann doch zu speziell…”


Flowery Sherry Sweet


Malt Caramel Acidic
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“Rum X Advent 19.12.22 Bin Richtung mittelalter Agricole unterwegs. Bei mir kommen sehr viele eher süsse Noten an. Mir kommt er eher eher dünn vor und ist im Mund sehr schnell weg. Irgendwas zwischen Vsop und Xo. Wieder Martinique? Etwas was wir noch nicht hatten - Dillon? N: Zucker, Créme Brulée, Pfeifentabak, junges Holz, grasig, getrocknete Früchte M: Honig, Karamell, verbrannt, wässrig, würzig, dezent rauchig A: trocken, holz, getrocknete Früchte, Aprikosenkern Edit: nicht blind kommt der Portwein durch. Ein zugänglicher und doch komplexer Rum. Insgesamt bleibt er zu dünn. Aber gut ist er trotzdem.”

Expert reviews

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Column Still
6 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

75 €
Ø Market value

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About the Engenho Novo distillery

The Engenho Novo distillery is located in Madeira. Rums from Engenho Novo have been reviewed 72 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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