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Enmore (Versailles) Greenheart REV (RX12425)

Introducing the Greenheart REV, a limited release rum produced in Guyana's Enmore (Versailles) distillery and bottled by the independent bottler Distilia. Distilled in 1994 from Molasses using a Single Wooden Pot Still, this exquisite rum is aged for 28 years and boasts an ABV of 50.2%. This sought-after release is limited to just 201 bottles. With captivating aromas of prunes, tobacco, floral, herbal, and spicy notes, Greenheart REV enthralls the senses. The palate is treated to a luxurious blend of prunes, chocolate, tobacco, woody, and mysterious flavors. This exceptional Enmore rum has garnered rave reviews from RumX users, who appreciate its balanced, creamy intensity that makes it perfect for a relaxing evening. Notable praise also highlights the lingering finish of dried fruit and black tea, which adds a delightful and lasting impression.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Greenheart REV is based on 25 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.

Nosing impressions

Prunes Tobacco Flowery Herbal Spicy Cola Intense Woody Chocolate Dark

Taste impressions

Prunes Chocolate Woody Unknown Tobacco Roasted Licorice Cocoa Burnt sugar Dark


Prunes Chocolate Woody Black tea Coffee Anise Licorice Unknown Bitter Violet

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How does the community rate this rum?

9.2 /1025 ratings


Already 25 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 9.2 out of 10. A total of 20 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Excellent stuff - top notch bottling of the 94 REVs imho. Delivers on dark, wood, herb and fruit notes you would ask for :)


Buttery Woody Spicy Dark Smoky


Dark Woody Prunes Dried fruit Cocoa
Profile picture of user

Holy Moly! Fantastischer REV


Prunes Flowery Tobacco Spicy Herbal


Woody Prunes Chocolate Tobacco Licorice
Profile picture of user

Great cinema. Prune meets a full load of leather. Plus licorice and green tobacco notes, but also toasty wood and mineral notes that briefly remind the palate of the typical Versailles pencil shavings. In the finish, long-lasting, gentle bitterness from the leather, spice and wood flavors, which are given an almost aesthetic counterpoint by the dried fruit - because the often present heavy sweetness of the dried fruit flavors remains gallantly restrained here at first, before it takes its due space again in the finish. Even among the now numerous 1994 REVs a successful addition at the top of the spectrum.


Tobacco Prunes Barrel Leather Licorice


Prunes Tobacco Roasted Licorice Mineral
Profile picture of user

Absolute top REV! In contrast to the Rum Club minimal bitterness in the finish.

Profile picture of user

Ein ausgewogener cremiger und intensiver Enmore! Der gefällt mir sehr gut! Er hat dieses gewisse Extra, was ihn für ein ruhiges abendliches Genießen prädestiniert!


Prunes Flowery Spicy Herbal Dark


Woody Prunes Unknown Dark Roasted
Profile picture of user

my new 94 Enmore REV reference! On the nose prune, tobacco, herbs. The relatively low ABV (compared to the RC and RA) is insb. on the palate not detrimental at all. A wonderfully balanced aroma with a long finish of prune and black tea.


Prunes Tobacco Flowery Herbal Toffee


Prunes Chocolate Tobacco Cocoa Licorice
Profile picture of user

Ein kleiner Vergleich zweier, 28yo REV… dass wird schön 🥰. Hier der erste, von Distilia: Nase: total rund! Komplex und intensiv. Ein echter Nasenschmeichler. Kräftig-würzige, dunkle und röstige Aromen mit viel Melasse und Lakritze, dazu leicht Maggi und dunkles, duftendes Sandelholz. Daneben getrocknete Früchte, wie Aprikose, Pflaume und säuerliche schwarze Johannisbeere. Auch ordentlich Politur und Bleistiftspähne finde ich, genauso wie feine Kräuter. Einfach nur sehr gut. 9,2 Gaumen: lecker komplex und rund. Aber auch deutlich, aber angenehm bitter. Sehr holzig-malzig-röstig, Zedernholz. Viel säuerliche Melasse aber mit weniger Lakritze. Dafür wieder deutlich und mehr Bleistiftspähne. Etwas dezent getrocknete Pflaume und getrocknete Aprikose. Dafür mehr gebranntes Karamell und Mokka. Auch am Gaumen leichte Kräuter und dazu Getreide. Im Abgang bleibt die angenehm bittere Holzogkeit mit Melasse und Pflaume. ABV passt auch ganz wunderbar. 9,2 Super REV. Edel und teuer.


Intense Complex Delicious Spicy Fruity


Strong Complex Woody Charred Bitter
Profile picture of user

For the most delicious of the three tasted REVs (tasted with Rum Cask and RA). Has convinced over the complete breathing time in the glass as well as in the mouth the most. Wonderfully integrated into a heavy sweetness aroma. Fair to say: the other two bottles were open significantly longer.

Profile picture of user

Sehr interessantes rev Profil im Vergleich zu den mir sonst bekannten. Veilchen trifft auf einreduzierte Cola, trifft auf Lakritz, Meersalz Zartbitter Schokolade und Melasse, sowie Bleistiftspähne und leichte anis und Kaffee Noten, sowie morsches Holz und Tabak. Insgesamt mir zu bleistiftig... Nicht ganz meins aber dennoch spannend!


Prunes Violet Cola Chocolate Polish


Bitter Salty Unknown Violet Chocolate
Profile picture of user

Beautiful rum, very smooth with deep caramel flavours. Strongest caramel flavours across the three Versailles Greenhearts. Tar flavours also come through.

Profile picture of user

Wow, what an intense heavy nose, a drought plum in a cola glass on a flower meadow with fine herbs in between. Could sniff it forever. Also in the mouth very intense, the drought plum pulls through to the end, in addition noble wood, spice and a fine sweet / bitter note. Absolutely class. Guyana is and remains my favorite. Thank you dür this wonderful gift. 😘😉


Prunes Cola Tobacco Flowery Herbal


Prunes Cocoa Chocolate Woody Unknown
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What are the specs of this rum?

Made from
Single Wooden Pot Still
28 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€

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About the Enmore (Versailles) distillery

The distillery Enmore (Versailles) is located in Guyana. Rums from Enmore (Versailles) have been reviewed 227 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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