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Isautier Small Batch (RX12384)

Introducing the Small Batch Rum, a limited-edition release with only 991 bottles produced at the Isautier distillery in Reunion. This 14-year aged rum, bottled by independent bottler Velier, boasts a 57% ABV and is distilled from Molasses with a Column Still. Users highlight the rum's pleasant nose with notes of spicy, vanilla, fruity, apricot, and barrel. When it comes to taste, the rum is described as woody, spicy, intense, fruity, and minty. Overall, the rum is praised for its harmony, complexity, and sippability, with users enjoying the tropical aromas, well-integrated alcohol, and balanced flavor profile. This rare gem is a must-try for any rum enthusiast looking for a unique and delightful experience.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Small Batch is based on 62 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Small Batch Isautier from Reunion is a complex rum, applauded for its balanced and robust character. It boasts tropical fruit notes, underpinned by a delightful woodsy richness. Its harmonious blend of sweetness, spice and elegant bourbon hints satisfies both novice and aficionado palates alike.

Nosing impressions

Spicy Fruity Vanilla Caramel Apricot Chocolate Mango Barrel Nutty Papaya

Taste impressions

Woody Spicy Minty Intense Fruity Dry Roasted Salty Banana Delicious


Woody Vanilla Roasted Caramel Vegetal Fruity Bitter Toasted Minty Eucalyptus

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.4 /1062 ratings

Community Rating

Already 62 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.4 out of 10. A total of 3 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„A rum balanced in aromas, for my taste far too much. A fine rum, but the column distillation limits its potential. The nose reveals a light roastiness accompanied by dark chocolate, wood and spice. On the palate there is wood, spice, faint roasting/roasting and balsamic notes with a not too long lychee/grape finish. One senses the use of ex-cognac barrels that give it a refined profile close to agricole. A rum that needs attention, but personally not my style.“


Chocolate Toasted Spicy Barrel


Toasted Spicy Woody Roasted Solvents
Profile picture of user

„Banana, lots of banana. Then very spicy and a prime example of tropical wood maturity, the oak is perfectly integrated. Great solvent. In the mouth then full-bodied and warm. Perfect alcohol. Horny plastic nodes in the finish. The little brother of the Traditionnel 2005 and equally good.“


Banana Vanilla Spicy Nutty Mocha


Warm Furry Banana Caramel Oak
Profile picture of user

„First Isautier and at the same time first Agricole from Reunion for me. Wow. Horny stuff. Already in the nose incredibly complex, peach and tropical wood, maybe some pepper.In the taste then full mouthfeel and incredibly well integrated alcohol. Really Agricole Feeling as with Martiniques does not come up, for this the rum is too mature. Rather long and good oak barrel aging. Finish is then nice and long, also here at no time alcoholic sharpness, rather sweetness and desire for more.“

Profile picture of user

„Wow! I would not have expected this. Extremely harmonious, quaffable, mild and complex. Intense mango, papaya and peach notes are complemented by milk chocolate and mint, as well as rose petals and eucalyptus tea. Very creamy mouthfeel, the alcohol is perfectly integrated. Then in the finish the wood makes itself discreetly felt, as well as a slight saltiness and bitterness but then mint and mango come back. Very cool. It must be just actually but not always savanna. Very harmonious!“


Mango Strawberry Rose Papaya Cream toffee


Mango Peaches Minty Rose Salty
Profile picture of user

„now finally times the brother of the 16er in the glass, but based on molasses. The notes on the nose I like really well, allspice, milk chocolate, caramel, fruity jam, barrel. On the palate roasty-spicy over to slightly salty, then in the finish rather woody and with a slight bitterness.“


Allspice Milk chocolate Vanilla Caramel Fruity


Spicy Woody Roasted Caramel
Profile picture of user

„Ein guter ausgewogener Rum! Mir allerdings zu brav, es fehlen da die überraschenden Elemente“


Spicy Vanilla Fruity Chocolate


Woody Spicy Intense Fruity Roasted
Profile picture of user

„I was looking forward to this one. First Isautier for me. Beautifully intense, powerful and good on the nose. Spicy fruity and creamy sweet. Pleasant creaminess with vanilla meets apricot and papaya. Also has something of fruit bread. In addition, slightly woody and the scent of dried tobacco leaves. I really like what I smell there. Also full-bodied and intense on the palate. Again spicy-fruity-woody, with a pleasant acidity of blackcurrant and lemon zest. A bit bitter, then salty, then fruity sour sweet. Mint comes through and the wood, perhaps with some more hazelnut and chocolate toffee. Still bitter on the finish and increasingly green. I like it decidedly well.“


Spicy Fruity Complex Concentrated Apricot


Intense Delicious Fruity Spicy Woody
Profile picture of user

„Nase vielversprechend. Am Gaumen gut, aber weniger gut als die Nase erwarten lässt.“


Apricot Mango Spicy Caramel Nutty


Woody Spicy Roasted Salty Citrus
Profile picture of user

„Always nice to taste some samples on vacation. Girlfriend prefers yesterday’s Rasta Morris Bielle. I agree that it’s more elegant, but for me two different drinks. This is, in my Tagesform, an easy sipper with some nice bourbon and wood influences and not overly complex. Solid 8.2.“

Profile picture of user

„Richtig guter STOFF 🤩🤩 ...“

Profile picture of user

„In my view, clearly behind the 2005 bottlings, mainly due to a too dominant apricot / plum note, which I do not like so much. Edit: After further tastings again clearly graded, because I dislike the profile increasingly.“

Profile picture of user

„VORSICHT, Flasche sollte vor Gebrauch gut geschwenkt werden. Der Rum enthält enorm viele Fasspartikel, welche Geruch und Geschmack deutlich verändern! In der Nase macht der Rum einen recht schweren, fruchtigen aber vor allem würzigen Eindruck. Dominant vorangetrieben wird das Aroma von intensiven Orangenschalen, Cocos, Mango und Maracuja...ggf auch u.a vom Cognac Fass? Der Rum ist allerdings darüber hinaus eine brachiale Gewürzbombe in Form von intensiven Weihnachtsgewürzen, Spekulatiusteig, Bratäpfel, Zimt. Eine angenehme Karamellsüße und Florale Noten Runden das ganze sehr schön ab. Im Mund nur dezent süß, eher trocken. Hier dominieren dann sehr deutlich Kräuter und Weihnachtsgewürze, viel Platz für anderes lässt der Rum kaum noch. Ein sehr schöner Rum, der im Mund leider etwas lachlässt“


OrangePeal Grapefruit Mango Papaya Apricot


Astringent Intense Strong Heavy Dry
Profile picture of user

„La Réunion isn’t really my usual rum hunting territory as I’m not the biggest fan of their rhum. This one took me by surprise as it has an excellent nose and taste with a perfectly integrated ABV. Great stuff 👌🏻“


Fruity Spicy Vanilla Barrel Caramel


Spicy Woody Intense Dry Fruity
Profile picture of user

„#4011 This one was very disappointing compared to the other two. Everything is off and not really balanced. maybe it's the triple cask maturation that went wrong? The price tag on this one is also half of the other two, but I wouldn't buy this one to be honest. Tomorrow I'll finish up the last 3 I have if the 15 year old (September 06 - December 21) has been added to the database.“


Orange Vanilla Dark chocolate Woody Banana


Banana Dried apricot Woody Minty Spice
Profile picture of user

„Sehr lecker … mag das Profil sehr gerne. Das Cognac Fass kommt wirklich schön zur Geltung.“


Spicy Papaya Leather Menthol Medicinal


Intense Woody Minty Delicious Furry

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What are the key data of the rum?

Cask number
Made from
Column Still
14 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Isautier distillery

The distillery Isautier is located in Reunion. Rums from Isautier have been reviewed 484 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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