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Clarendon MDR (RX12347)

Good 6,076 bottles Under 100€

The MDR Rum is a limited-release gem from Jamaica's Clarendon distillery, selected and bottled by Rest & Be Thankful. Distilled in 2012 from molasses and aged for 9 years, this rum boasts a 46% ABV and is limited to only 6076 bottles. The remarkable scent profile features notes of pear, alcoholic, honey, banana, and pungent aromas. On the palate, users found the flavors to be alcoholic, ester, glue, woody, and honey. While some enjoyed its distinct Jamaican character, others found certain aspects to be somewhat underwhelming. Overall, MDR Rum offers a unique and interesting tasting experience for those seeking a genuine Jamaican rum.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of MDR is based on 36 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The MDR Jamaican rum offers a unique blend of fruitiness, a touch of funk, with hints of spices and a kiss of vanilla-caramel. Its complexity can be polarizing, with its character somewhat drowned by low ABV. A good starter rum for someone exploring Jamaican spirits.

Nosing impressions

Pear Vinegar Alcoholic Tropical fruit Banana Woody Vegetal Honey Pungent Floral

Taste impressions

Woody Ester Glue Honey Tropical fruit Alcoholic Pear Fruit schnapps Nutmeg Young wood


Fruit schnapps Woody Nutmeg Alcoholic Peppery Bite Tropical fruit Ester Phenol Soft

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.4 /1036 ratings

Community Rating

Already 36 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.4 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Works supprsingly well with the low ABV. Clearly noticeable (continental) Clarendon notes. Pleasant and enjoyable.“


Woody Vegetal Tropical fruit Mango Apricot


Honey Tropical fruit Woody Nutmeg Young wood
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„Quite tasty, actually. No ordinary Jamaican, something does not quite fit here. But okay :)“

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„Un jeune Clarendon réduit et donc au potentiel limité. Le nez offre quelques fruits tropicaux, de la poire, un soupçon d’esters, de notes boisées, épicées, végétales et florales. Un profil assez mince et doux, qui manque de caractère et de profondeur. La bouche est sur la même trame, ajoutant un soupçon de bois jeune, de muscade et de sucrosité. Il n’y a pas grand chose à dire de plus, si ce n’est que c’est assez fade et que les saveurs semblent un peu déséquilibrées. La dilution donne également un profil légèrement aqueux. La finale persiste étonnamment les fruits tropicaux, les épices, le bois jeune et les esters. S’il ne convaincra pas les puristes, il sera un bon rhum pour introduire les palais sensibles au monde des rhums jamaïcains.“


Tropical fruit Banana Pear Alcoholic Floral


Ester Glue Woody Tropical fruit Honey
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„Alcohol anything but well integrated. Tastes somehow only after wood polish and nutmeg with apple cider vinegar.... For me, a bitter disappointment.“


Alcoholic Pear Honey Banana Pungent


Glue Honey Tropical fruit Nutmeg Bite
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„Nose promising, thin on the palate with a short finish.“


Pear Vinegar Banana Roasted Floral


Woody Ester Glue Pear Fruit schnapps
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„First Monymusk I’ve tried and it’s…fine. Distinctly Jamaican but way less flavor development than Hampden or even the better Appletons. Very light in color. Good and pleasant enough, but just a bit meh. I know Monymusk is generally the pot still arm of Clarendon but nowhere is pot still actually specified on this bottle so I’ll just assume it is, but based on flavor wouldn’t be too surprised if it wasn’t.“

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„Nach den bisherigen hätte Bewertungen hätte ich etwas schlechteres im Glas erwartet. Aber so schlecht ist er auch wieder nicht. Danke DomM fürs Sample“


Vinegar Tropical fruit Woody Vegetal


Woody Tropical fruit Honey Ester Bite
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„Greedy nose: well sweetened fruits/some wood/funk. It's really nice, this sweet Jamaican flavor. Integrated mouthfeel: apple-banana that shapes the profile. Then also vanilla and caramel. The finish is nice on roasted nuts. A rum that is both accessible and characteristic of Jamaica. Not easy to be put forward at the end of the lineup with this voltage but I liked it anyway. Again a huge thank you to Dimitri for coming to us with his nice pins. We spent again a nice evening of sharing! I will clearly remember this evening the beautiful selections made by Dram Mor who was completely unknown to me before this evening.“

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„I do not know - one of the few rums in which I have so far misled - and where I can clearly understand what is meant by a description such as apple cider vinegar....Even to mix, I prefer when I need nen cheap Jamaican, the 10-money Meyersrum - the here is just hard alcoholic in drinks and brings all sorts of rough edges purely....Today I have a good palate for rum and he goes down amazingly well, on days where it is not so good, he triggers but also sometimes gag reflex .I almost feel a little bad because I'm here so about the rum herziehen, but I'm told the page here, serves to exchange his erhriche opinion and with a bottle of good Doppelkorn I would have had probably unfortunately more fun.dafür is the bottle quite nice.“

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„Květinová vůně, ovoce, med, muškátový ořech. Na mě už dost vyvoněné“

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„Very nice discovery. Nice Jamaican notes. Nose with complexity and funk. Sweet and round attack, Abv a bit low to my taste, but nice nonetheless. Quite a long finish“

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„Pleasant easy-drinking Jamaican“

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
9 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Clarendon distillery

The distillery Clarendon is located in Jamaica. Rums from Clarendon have been reviewed 2,690 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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