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Bellevue Rum Artesanal Guadeloupe SFGB (RX12189)

"Unforgettable Fusion: Citrus, Exotic Spices, Exquisite Depth!"

Introducing the captivating Rum Artesanal Guadeloupe SFGB, a 24-year-old treasure from the Bellevue distillery in Guadeloupe. This limited-edition offering boasts an ABV of 59.4% and is ideal for connoisseurs seeking an extraordinary and unique rum experience. Distilled in 1998 from molasses using a Column Still, this exquisite drink is a testament to the masterful skills of independent bottler Heinz Eggert GmbH. The Rum Artesanal Guadeloupe SFGB enchants the senses with its fresh and woody aroma, featuring intriguing notes of anise and oak. At its core, this remarkable rum delivers an intense and full-bodied flavor profile that includes black tea, oak, citrus, and hints of exotic spices. The superbly integrated alcohol content ensures an enjoyable and satisfying experience for the palate. This outstanding rum earns praise for its uncommon character, harmoniously combining zesty citrus notes with a delightful infusion of herbs, spices, and dried fruits. The distinctive presence of lemon peel and kumquat, alongside smoky wood, leather, and tobacco, sets it apart from other Bellevue rums, making it a must-try for rum enthusiasts. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional Rum Artesanal Guadeloupe SFGB. Its distinctive blend of fresh, fruity, and herbal notes creates a delightful and memorable experience that both intrigues and delights rum aficionados worldwide. Discover this extraordinary rum today and elevate your collection with a taste of Guadeloupe's finest.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Rum Artesanal Guadeloupe SFGB is based on 56 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.


  • Intense, full-bodied flavor profile
  • Harmonious citrus-spice fusion
  • Unique, fresh, fruity & herbal notes

Nosing impressions

Fresh Unknown Woody Anise Citrus Oak Mandarin OrangePeal Fruity Unknown

Taste impressions

Black tea Citrus Oak Intense FullBodied Woody Dry Tobacco Chocolate Espresso


Oak Spice Grapefruit Woody Tobacco Unknown Cocoa Toasted Leather Vanilla

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.6 /1056 ratings


Already 56 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.6 out of 10. A total of 3 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Profile picture of user

Already in the nose waits a very own green note, reminiscent of tart herbs and unripe vegetables. On the palate more balanced, tea, wood, fennel, spices - thereby overall extremely dry and thus rather on the tart side. Even if the Bellevue DNA remains recognizable, it is a rather unusual representative of the 98 batch with a clear impact on the herbaceous-green side.


Unknown Unknown Hay Anise Caramel


Oak Black tea Chocolate Espresso Citrus
Profile picture of user

This rum is different in taste than expected. In the smell test, I could not have assigned him a clear origin. On the nose, it presents itself pleasantly fresh with strong notes of (citrus) fruit and cinnamon. The palate is dominated by berries and grapefruit, wood, leather and tobacco, but without this rum being extremely astringent. In the background, I still detect anise and tea. I rarely experience this combination. The alcohol is top integrated. The flavors remain very long and intense in the mouth. An unusual experience and thus definitely the most interesting rum of the new RA bottlings. Price: 92 euros per 0.5 liters.


Unknown Citrus Woody Anise Oak


Black tea Oak Espresso Chocolate Citrus
Profile picture of user

I'm beginning to doubt myself: most of the rums I've tasted recently have been rated by me with well over 80 points. Did they really have such a high level of quality objectively? With this rum, however, I'm pretty sure and have no doubts: Yes, this is something fine! A lovely Caribbean dream. Very interesting notes already in the nose, wonderful exotic-fruity impression. I think I'll have to get another bottle.Rating: sweet.Update 2022-12-09:Yesssss, the rum just puts a smile on my face. 😊 Anise and kumquat notes dominate very nicely today. Delicious!

Profile picture of user

Second tasting: crass, this kumquat in the nose and on the palate!The nose is stunning! Goes easily into the medical, possibly cough syrup!? In addition, I still perceive rose oil. I don't know anything like that from 98 Bellevue (I have the Kill Devil, RX773 for comparison).On the palate I experience a crazy complexity and balance at the same time! The spices, fruit, herbs, heather honey and wood influence are all present but none predominates.The aftertaste flies unfortunately faster than I like, only a trace of cocoa and oak remains long and makes you want more.Blind I would not have guessed here on a rum! This is m.M.n. the sensation among the third RA bottlings in 2022 and for Guadeloupe/Bellevue anyway. In addition, the P / L ratio is right.


Citrus Mandarin Unknown Complex Fresh


Black tea Intense Dry FullBodied Chocolate
Profile picture of user

Extremely unusual rum. Great blend of citrus, wood and herbs. I like it really well!


Unknown Herbal Woody Mandarin Licorice


Black tea FullBodied Citrus Dark Intense
Profile picture of user

A very good Bellevue that stands out with a nice refreshing citrus note!

Profile picture of user

Einzigartige Nase. Zitrus (Kumquat und Mandarine) und Gewürze (Anis und Kümmel). Alles gut ausgewogen, Alkohol gut integriert. Sehr schönes Mundgefühl. Prickelnd mit schöner Holzreife. Im Abgang konzentrierte Kumquatschale. Sehr guter und interessanter Rum abseits ausgetretener Pfade.


Unknown Mandarin Salty Allspice Spicy


Oak Espresso Roasted Anise Maggi
Profile picture of user

the new GRF bottling competes against the Nobilis Bellevue 1998. First impression at the RA: an essence from the aroma bar like on vacation this week 😁Citrus à la kumquat and star fruit, but also pine and a bit of the resin thereof. Completely different in the Nobilis, which scores with caramel, papaya and apple. On the palate, the RA comes with grapefruit, strong tea and a fair amount of barrel or tannins. The Nobilis also comes with some bitterness, but then goes more towards leather and tobacco. Conclusion: the RA is a crazy part, so not at all like other 98 Bellevues, and nothing for by the way, you have to get involved with him. Overall, however, I prefer the Nobilis.


Unknown OrangePeal Woody Sap


Grapefruit Black tea Barrel
Profile picture of user

One of the top 5 rums i tried on the german rum festival. Very delicious rum with all the lovely wooden, dried fruits, anise armomas paired with a nice lemon peal note. It has a clear wood note without being astringend in mouth/tongue. The alcohol is integrated very well. For me the best of all RA rums showed on the festival.


Fruity Woody Delicious Elegant Oak


Balanced Delicious FullBodied Intense Elegant
Profile picture of user

Aus Guadeloupe kommen viele interessante Abfüllungen. Und auch diese hier hat viel zu bieten. Nase: total würzig. Muskat, Kümmel und Kardamom, dazu etwas Nelke und Zimt. Dahinter Kumquat, getrocknete Orangenschale, Orangeat und Zitronat. Sehr nahe an Früchtenbrot, geht jetzt sogar Richtung Christstollen mit Puderzucker. Krass! Hinten raus kommt das Holz, Eiche, ganz leicht rauchig. 88 Am Gaumen wiederholt sich fast die Nase: wieder intensiv würzig, viel Piment und Kardamom, dazu Muskat und etwas Nelke. Das ganze beginnt etwas bitter und salzig. Wieder kommen Orangeat und Zitronat und hinten das Holzfass hinzu. Wirkt dadurch ordentlich trocken. Am Gaumen ist er mir fast zu Kardamom-lastig. 82


Spicy Woody Fruity Strong Complex


Spicy Intense Bitter Salty Nutmeg
Profile picture of user

Un rhum au profil extrêmement parfumé et envoûtant. Le nez est un festival de fleurs, d’herbes aromatiques et de menthol, donnant une fraîcheur extraordinaire pour un rhum aussi vieux. Les agrumes sont également extrêmement présents. Les zestes d’orange et de citron apportent de la gourmandise et de la profondeur. Il y a également une petite note de fruits rouges qui s’estompe au fur et à mesure. Le bois et les épices se veulent plus secondaires mais se fondent bien à l’ensemble. Un nez des plus charmants et élégants. L’attaque en bouche s’effectue relativement en douceur pour le degré d’alcool. On reste sur des notes à dominante florale, herbeuse et parfumée, avec du thé noir notamment. Les épices chaudes se conjuguent très bien à l’acidité des agrumes et des fruits exotiques. On retrouve un rhum très suave, un peu épais, savoureux et très original. La finale est très longue, encore portée par les agrumes, les notes herbeuses et florales. Des notes rôties, du cuir et des épices viennent en embuscade. Un très bel exemple de rhum qui a conservé sa fraîcheur au fil des ans avec un profil des plus aromatiques. Chapeau à Rum Artesanal pour la sélection. Le rapport qualité / prix est excellent.


Dried fruit Red fruits Citrus Lime Woody


Thick Flowery Parfum Vegetal Herbal
Profile picture of user

An exceptional Bellevue with a beguiling fruity nose! Blind I could not have assigned him!For me of the new RA's the most interesting!


Citrus Unknown Mandarin Fresh Cucumber


Oak Chocolate Espresso Black tea Soft
Profile picture of user

A lovely rum with smoky wood in the profile. Lightly dry and warm on the palate and finish with some leather and tobacco.


Oak Smoky Dried fruit Anise


Oak Smoky Dry Tobacco Warm
Profile picture of user

Absolutely not reckoned with this mega crass citrus bomb on the nose. I think almost that could be my new benchmark Guadeloupe Bellevue Rum, because I had until now almost no good old Guadeloupe Rums that are not too smoky and bitter to me. This one is an absolute exception and makes really fun! 🤤👍Further probably the best for me


Unknown Citrus Unknown Mandarin Fruity


Delicious Citrus Black tea Unknown Marmalade
Profile picture of user

Hochinteressanter Rum. So ein Geruchs- und Geschmacksprofil mit würziger Zitrusnote und Anis habe ich noch nicht probiert. Gefällt mir richtig gut.


Unknown Fresh Citrus Woody Anise


Black tea FullBodied Citrus Oak Intense
Profile picture of user

Leckerer untypischer Bellevue mit schöner Zitruszesten-Note (Kumquat, Zitrone, Orange), viel Honig am Gaumen u d erwas Holz und Rauch.


Unknown Fresh OrangePeal Fruity Licorice


Intense Delicious Honey Unknown Citrus
Profile picture of user

Lovely. Orange peel and fruitcake smell. In taste myriad of spices, some menthol, black tea, some grapefruit bitterness on finish. Quite light but complex.


OrangePeal Floral Fruitcake Demerara sugar


Menthol Cedar Cinnamon Black tea Anise
Profile picture of user

Wonderful nose.

Profile picture of user

Il naso è dominato dalla marmellata di arancia, sembra di mangiare un Pim's all'arancio. Poi canditi, cuoio, tabacco e una lontana nota di cherosene. Ma anche una buona dose di legno e the. Il profilo è quello tipico dei Bellevue 1998, non mostra cedimenti, forse solo un attimo più timido che altri imbottigliamenti. La bevuta richiama subito molto il te e il legno, ovviamente accompagnata dalla nota agrumata che si fa' via via più intensa. Inaspettatamente, compare la liquirizia e il palato ne è così avvolto che sembra di aver mangiato un paio dei rombi di pura liquirizia tipici della mia infanzia. Il classico calore alcolico un po' pepato ci accompagna verso un finale che non è troppo lungo e presenta principalmente note di agrumi, spezie e legno.


OrangePeal Woody Anise Oak Delicious


Black tea Oak Citrus Licorice
Profile picture of user

Sehr gefeiert beim GRF, 99 Euro für 24y, gekauft und gleich ins Glas damit: Tolle Farbe aber keine Ahnung ob Bellevue färbt. Nase ist eine Mischung von mittelaltem Holz ( kein nasses Holz aber auch kein schweres Holz wie so mancher Guyana KFM oder Mount Gay) und vor allem Citrusfrüchten, sowie Minze und bisschen Karamell vielleicht. Nicht überaus komplexe Nase, aber doch spannend und sehr toll balanced! Im Mund sehr weich, ölig, fein aufgelöst. Alkohol fantastisch eingebunden. Sehr frisch und Zitrusfrüchte und Minze am Gaumen. Auch Holz aber nicht übertönend oder adstringent… Ein überraschendes und tolles wenn auch nicht mein Lieblingsprofil. Eine tolle Abfüllung die es sicher immer wieder ins Glas schaffen wird. Bei mir in der Kategorie des RA Fiji … toll!

Profile picture of user

A great rum that convinces me very much. The fruitiness is wonderful and intense. The citrus on the nose fresh and the candied berries on the palate come through very well. The whole is accompanied by a well balanced wood note. Am fully convinced.


Citrus Lemon Mandarin Polish Anise


Dried fruit Berries Woody Demerara sugar Spicy
Profile picture of user

Zweite Chance für diesen Rum. Beim German Rumfestival im letzten Jahr konnte er bei mir nicht punkten. Danke @Mto für das Sample Und nun? An der zunächst frischen Nase werd ich von Orangensaft erdrückt aber irgendwie nicht von lecker frisch gepresst sondern eher Tetra Pak. Am Gaumen dann mehr Richtung Zitrus und im Finish leichte Tabaknoten. Dabei insgesamt vorwiegend trocken. Also ich weiß nicht aber manchmal ist der erste Eindruck der richtige. Dieser Rum und ich werden keine großen Freunde.🤷🏻‍♂️ Aber den Versuch war es wert


Fresh OrangePeal Fruity Anise


Dry Unknown Woody Sour
Profile picture of user

Tasted at the 11th GRF: Untypical 98 Bellevue, which I would not have blindly classified in this vintage. But that in turn makes this bottling almost exciting again.

Profile picture of user

MKn very atypical but wonderfully harmonize citrus note, which immediately attracted the fruit flies with me. Quite great rum!

Profile picture of user

Sehr guter Vertreter der an sich schon guten 98iger Bellevues. Am Gaumen tut sich viel: Kräuter, Honig, grüne Gemüsenoten. Alkohol sehr gut eingebunden, PLV für die Qualität des Rums richtig gut. I am loving it.

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What are the specs of this rum?

Rum Artesanal
Cask number
Made from
Column Still
24 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

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About the Bellevue distillery

The distillery Bellevue is located in Guadeloupe. Rums from Bellevue have been reviewed 601 times with an average of 8.6/10.

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