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Ten Cane Limited Batch Series (RX12167)

Ten Cane Limited Batch Series is a 2008 rum from Trinidad, aged for 13 years and bottled at cask strength. It has an ABV of 64% and only 259 bottles were released. It has a nose of sauerkirschen and cocoa, with woody bitterness that does not overpower the fruit notes. On the palate there are notes of kumquat, cocoa and salt that linger in the mouth. The finish is long and lightly dry with wood and caramel. It scores between 74/100 - 87/100 overall.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Limited Batch Series is based on 26 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.

Nosing impressions

Barrel Sour cherry Red fruits Woody Dark chocolate Molasses Currants Demerara sugar Cherry Cocoa

Taste impressions

Sour cherry Barrel Cocoa Bitter Licorice Salty Caramel Oak Cherry Unknown


Salty Woody Cocoa Bitter Dry Dark chocolate Red fruits Bitter orange Chocolate Unknown

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.5 /1026 ratings


Already 26 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.5 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Another retasting with a few extra points. The glue is very clear on the profile, especially the nose. ----- Previous tasting ----- This is a lovely rum from Ten Cane and the price tag matches what you get. The nose is fruity with molasses and a mix of chocolate and wood. The palate is lightly dry, lightly bitter but well balanced. Wood, licorice, chocolate and cherries are mixed with nice caramel. The finish is long and lightly dry with wood and chocolate.


Molasses Cherry Woody Dark chocolate Currants


Licorice Caramel Woody Cherry Balanced
Profile picture of user

Incredibly good ten cane. Very elegant and drinkable, in contrast to my previous benchmark ten canes of duchess less complex and almost unusually sweet for this style but also extremely round and mild.


Barrel Cocoa Demerara sugar Sour cherry Molasses


Caramel Salty Oak Cocoa Sour cherry
Profile picture of user

Very nice Ten Cane. Fruity, chocolaty, woody.


Sour cherry Red fruits Barrel Demerara sugar Woody


Barrel Cocoa Licorice Bitter Caramel
Profile picture of user

Quite intense and powerful. Have as first orange and fresh lemon in the nose, followed by spicy wood. Behind that, a soft sweetness of toffee resonates. The fruit is complemented by sour cherry and tart sweet currant. I also find something slightly floral in the direction of rose. A deep draught reveals some vinegar and dry red wine.Also strong and bitter-salty-dry on the palate, which carries through to the finish. Lemon or lime zest up front and sour cherry behind. He does not reveal much more to me at the moment.The nose is interesting and beautiful, but on the palate too bitter and one-dimensional for me....


Intense Strong Woody Spicy Fruity


Strong Bitter Woody Spicy Salty
Profile picture of user

Very good Ten Cane! Spicy, chocolaty, creamy. Clear recommendation!


Barrel Cocoa Caramel
Profile picture of user

After tasting the rum at the Romdeluxe booth at the 11th GRF, I had to get myself a bottle. Chocolate and cherry. My favorite combination. 😋

Profile picture of user

Alcohol and the citrusy bitterness are not so dominant here. Nevertheless, drinking it is not much fun for me.

Profile picture of user

Typical Ten Cane nose, alcoholic spiciness, and the wonderful aroma of ripe sour cherries and plums.Palate: fruit and sweetness flash briefly and then the cask and cocoa notes take over.The finish is very much on the bitter side.The 2008 Ten Cane bottlings are all very similar after all. This one is one of the most expensive so far - taste-wise there is no reason for it. Very good rum, good Ten Cane but no surprise. Price / performance only moderate.


Barrel Sour cherry Molasses Alcoholic Red fruits


Alcoholic Sour cherry Barrel Oak Cocoa
Profile picture of user

Anfangs ist er an der Nase sehr verhalten und der Alkohol dominiert , aber nach einiger Zeit im Glas erscheint die Sauerkirsche und Schokolade- Kakaoaromen breiten sich aus! Am Gaumen erst eine kurze schwere Karamellsüsse bevor der Rum sich cremig verteilt und wieder Sauerkirsche das Ruder übernimmt! Dann erscheinen salzige Kakaonoten, begleitet von Piment. Metallisches mischt auch etwas mit… Im Abvang überwiegen dunkle schokoladige Aromen und lange gezogener Schwarztee! Ein sehr guter 2008er Ten Cane


Dark chocolate Sour cherry Cocoa


Sour cherry Caramel Salty Cocoa Allspice
Profile picture of user

wieder ein sehr schöner 2008er Ten Cane. Sehr ähnlich dem Duchess Trinidad 13.


Red fruits Dark chocolate Barrel Cherry Molasses


Barrel Cocoa Licorice Oak Cherry
Profile picture of user

A lovely Ten Cane, lots of wood and cocoa. I wouldn’t mind a bottle of this one in my stash.


Red fruits Woody Barrel Dark chocolate


Barrel Cocoa Sour cherry Bitter Caramel
Profile picture of user

Great nose in the sour cherry and cocoa dominate.In the mouth it arrives exactly as in the nose, but in addition there is a woody bitterness, which, however, does not override the fruit notes. And I don't know if I've ever drunk such a well-infused 64% before. - Edit: I would not have thought of it myself, but after reading the other reviews I can only confirm the kumquat note in the taste!In the finish, an exciting mixture of cocoa and salt that slowly disappears to expose the underlying bitter barrel notes, balanced by a pleasant sweetness still remain long in the mouth.


Barrel Sour cherry Red fruits Cocoa


Barrel Cocoa Sour cherry Bitter Unknown
Profile picture of user

Neat Ten Cane without quite that certain something. Alcohol excellently integrated.

Profile picture of user

Another ten Cane this time one of the numerous romdeluxe bottlings from this year. That much sour cherry is recognizable here of course not surprising. The comparison is exciting and here I find the Romdeluxe simply more complex and exciting, is simply a bit dirtier 😊A pity that also this distillery no longer exists but the one or the other barrel will certainly still find the way to us RumFreunden.


Sour cherry Barrel Demerara sugar


Sour cherry Licorice Salty Bitter Strong
Profile picture of user

TenCane is very different from most TDLs. This one had a very French Oak vibe with a typical acidic not. Not unlike Armagnac/cognac. Wood and dry tannins rule this palate. Some red fruits and cherry pop out. A very chewable dram.


Acidic Citrus Armagnac Cognac Thick


Dry Astringent Strong Woody Oak
Profile picture of user

Tasted at the 11th GRF and very enthusiastic. Spicy, full of character and just fun to have in the glass. Too bad there was Ten Cane only so briefly....

Profile picture of user

Tasted at the 11th GRF. Complex, round and lots of depth. A fantastic rum

Profile picture of user

Very intense, absolutely lovely on nose. Rich and complex. Lots of dried fruits and fresh, juicy fruits, red berry’s. Sweet, soft, minerals. Jam of plums, peach and prunes. Little bit bitterness when finish stars. Just a hint. First impression 85-86/100 Come back shortly to this bottle

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What are the specs of this rum?

Limited Batch Series
Made from
Sugar cane juice
13 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Ten Cane distillery

The distillery Ten Cane is located in Trinidad. Rums from Ten Cane have been reviewed 323 times with an average of 83/100.

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