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Ten Cane Trinidad 13 (RX11981)

144 EUR

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Very good Single Cask Under 250€

The Trinidad 13 is a remarkable rum produced in Trinidad at the Ten Cane distillery, selected and bottled by The Duchess. Distilled in 2008 using a Pot Still, this 13-year-old rum is bottled at cask strength with an ABV of 64.4%. Tasters describe its smell as woody, burnt, red fruits, sour cherry, and caramel, while its flavor is defined by notes of woody, burnt, spice, caramel, and berries. Users have found this rum to be intense, heavy, and bold, with hints of red fruit, spice, and zesty orange notes in well-integrated aged wood. Some even mention a slight similarity to XO Cognac. It's said to be best enjoyed after spending some time in the glass, allowing it to open up and release its complex layers of flavors. Overall, this Trinidad 13 rum offers a rewarding and intricate sipping experience for those willing to explore its rich profile.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Trinidad 13 is based on 35 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Trinidad 13 from The Duchess is a complex and robust rum with a heavy, wood-forward profile. Expertly balanced, it blends notes of dark fruit, burnt sugar, and rich spices, showcasing exceptional maturity. Patience during tasting unveils a deeply rewarding experience.

Nosing impressions

Woody Red fruits Burnt Sour cherry Polish Chocolate Caramel Raspberry Blackberry Clove

Taste impressions

Woody Burnt Berries Spice Caramel Tannins Chocolate Thick Complex Roasted


Woody Tannins Burnt Clove Cherry Chocolate Roasted Red fruits Astringent Berries

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.7 /1035 ratings

Community Rating

Already 35 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.7 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„In direct comparison to the duchess ten cane 2008/2019, less fruit, less floral notes and more spice and more wood and cardboard and caramel are noticeable here on the nose. Taste again a bit sweeter than its predecessor, almost burnt caramel, cassis jelly, dark chocolate, artichoke leaves, candied ginger, cinnamon bark and fruit bread. Then more wood, tannins and dark chocolate and peach iced tea on the finish. Partly reminiscent of good XO cognac. Definitely makes at least as much fun as its predecessor, though very different. The alcohol is surprisingly well incorporated here and also the wood dominates here not at all .Grandiose bottling again times from the house Duchess!💯Hard to decide which is better of the two here!😅“


Polish Cardboard Burnt Sour cherry Woody


Chocolate Caramel Dried currants Demerara sugar Unknown
Profile picture of user

„2nd tasting: remains very interesting, precisely because of its corners and edges.Very intense. On the nose a lot of wood, dark fruit and nicely spicy. Something slightly biting like polish. Then again nicely fruity. The longer it stands, the more intense it smells. Makes fun. Great nose. On the palate first alcoholic, then briefly bitter to burnt (the burnt remains in the finish). Then berries, a slight sweetness, like caramel and again lots of wood, pleasantly spicy. With slight deductions in the taste overall an exciting and great rum.“


Woody Blackberry Sour cherry Caramel Chocolate


Berries Spice Woody Caramel Roasted
Profile picture of user

„After a quarter bottle it is still a top rum. Am thrilled.This Duchess is clearly woody and toasty than its predecessor and much heavier than the RdL bottlings from the Collectors Ed.Only behind glue and the burnt spices the cherry and berry comes to the fore - rather red fruit jelly than fresh fruit. Plus some polish and cardboard.In the mouth the berries are more present and even riper, as in an old Tempranillo, plus dark chocolate, crumbly tannins, the spice and artichoke and beet? The finish is super relaxed and the alcohol integration, which has been the weak point of all 10 Canes, is much better in this one!Minimal criticism: Unfortunately, the rum lacks the citrus facet that has distinguished the other 2008s.“


Clove Cinnamon Cedar Raspberry Blackberry


Raspberry Berries Dried currants Woody Chocolate
Profile picture of user

„#4138 The price tag on this bottle at release was really good. A complex yet very nice rum with fruits and spices. The roasted wood is strong in this I've without being dominant. Love the dark colour and thick curtains in the glass. The empty glass is really nice and has some chocolate and faint rubber to it.“


Woody Cherry Clove Polish Roasted


Woody Roasted Intense Dried fruit Cherry
Profile picture of user

„My first Ten Cane. It was a blind sample and I would have guessed a well matured Agricole in the Saint James-Damoiseau-Bielle triangle.Deep color.On the nose a nice composition of cocoa powder, ripe bananas, oscillating 🤣 fruits (cherry, raspberry, citrus etc) and nice wood maturity. Alcohol perfectly integrated. Ripe, warm and yet fresh.In the mouth then a bit crisperand it continues what was promised in the nose.Very good rum, interesting and a nice surprise. Thanks to Bonn for the sample!“


Cocoa Oak Leather Roasted Cherry
Profile picture of user

„This Ten Cane is definitely one of the better of its kind!But so right he does not pick me up.... the wood and this burnt note dominate me too much! The fruit is too restrained for me in contrast and comes out only after some time! This is a rum that needs or needs its time in the glass and on the palate!You have to deal with him intensively and get involved!Today tasted for the 2nd time, my first impression was confirmed .“


Woody Chocolate Burnt Blackberry Sour cherry


Woody Burnt sugar Burnt Allspice Licorice
Profile picture of user

„first needs quite a while until everything unfolds, but then come beautiful red fruits and fruit bread. Accompanied by old barrel and cherry wood, dark chocolate and furniture polish. The palate is spicy-woody, also significant alcoholic spiciness. Lots of wood barrel, tannins and clove on the finish. If you think that's it, then comes out the back but again a note in the direction of Haribo cherry cola 😜 In direct comparison, the 11er is a touch lighter, a little less on the woody track.“


Woody Fruitcake Dark chocolate Caramel Red fruits


Woody Spice Caramel Alcoholic Nutmeg
Profile picture of user

„Ist mir heute etwas zu holzig im Geschmack. Ansonsten sehr lecker. Bracht vielleicht eine zweite Chance. Nachverkostung: Heute ist er mir gar nicht zu holzig, im Gegenteil. Gibt gleich einen Extrapunkt.“


Woody Sour cherry Burnt Red fruits Chocolate


Woody Burnt Spice Caramel Tannins
Profile picture of user

„Needs a few minutes in the glass to open up and come off the wood a bit, but worth the wait.Explosion and fruit and spice. Slightly burnt at the same time. Exciting composition. Am curious how he does in comparison. Then there may be even 2 points more 😁“


Woody Sour cherry Burnt Blackberry Polish


Woody Burnt Berries Chocolate Complex
Profile picture of user

„Un agricole un peu spécial. Sombre, avec beaucoup de tannin de bois brûlé de fruits rouge/noir caramélisé un peu caoutchouteux. L'alcool est un peu trop présent en début de dégustation mais après un certain temps le rhum devient très intéressant,riche, profond, il s'adoucît et dévoile tout son potentiel. La finale est éternelle et gourmande. Très belle découverte !“

Profile picture of user

„This needed a lot of resting in the glass to reveal more than just burnt sugar and seabreeze. After an hour, it opened up beautifully into a slick and incredibly concentrated profile. On the nose, upfront with burnt sugars, black cherries and barrel char. Then dried fruits and orange zest. Followed by mixed spices; foremost cinnamon and cloves, but also slight juniper and ginger notes. 75%+ chocolate. A complex heart of hot glue and coriander. On the palate excellent maturity. Very woody, charred and intensely spicy. Arid. Black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, juniper, ginger, light licorice, nutmeg… Black cherries, orange peel, dried fruits and their accompanying tannins. Dark chocolate leading into a bitter finish. The finish is reasonably lasting, “wine-y”; tannic and bitter. There’s dried fruits and more cloves driving this home. It’s a very heavy rum. I would expect this to be polarising, not appealing to all palates.“


Cherry Dried fruit OrangePeal Burnt sugar Oak


Cherry Berries Dried fruit OrangePeal Burnt sugar
Profile picture of user

„Just horny. In the nose very concentrated and the fruit was already very captured by the barrel. On the palate then just horny. Very heavy and super complex, the alcohol is very well integrated. Makes really fun if you like it dark. The finish is already fun because very astringent. But hardly becomes peppery. Hence the high rating. I like it very much. Best Ten Cane I've had ... so far.“


Woody Roasted Dark Spicy Vanilla


Roasted Toasted Spicy Vanilla Caramelized
Profile picture of user

„Heavy, bold Rum. Very ‘meaty’. Much red berry’s, black currant, prunes. It’s very interesting. “Smoked, baked berry’s”. Lots of raisins coming out. Very concentrated juice. Palate are very good. There is something common with cognacs, but more concentrated. Again dried prunes.“

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What are the key data of the rum?

Cask number
Pot Still
13 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Ten Cane distillery

The distillery Ten Cane is located in Trinidad. Rums from Ten Cane have been reviewed 396 times with an average of 8.2/10.

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