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Rhum House Domaine de Courcelles Rhum Vieux Édition 2014 1972 38yr 54%

RX1196 Excellent Column Still Rum Above 250€
“Exquisitely balanced, vibrant cherries, and vanilla; a complex, elegant delight.”

Discover the exquisite and one-of-a-kind Rhum Vieux Édition 2014, a 38-year-old treasure produced in Guadeloupe at the Domaine de Courcelles distillery and bottled by the independent bottler Rhum House. This elegantly complex and perfectly balanced rum, with an ABV of 54%, boasts an enchanting nose of vanilla, cherry, honey, barrel, and spices, enticing rum enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. On the palate, the Rhum Vieux Édition 2014 delights with delectable notes of vanilla, roasted flavors, honey, and caramelized accents. The unique and harmonious blend of fruity hints of cherries and mirabelle plums lingers in the mouth, while the well-integrated alcohol creates a smooth, delicious experience. A true gem that honors its prestigious heritage, this rum captivates with its remarkable elegance and balance, offering a delightful symphony of flavors and aromas. From its enticing parfum-like nose to its rich and multifaceted taste profile, the Rhum Vieux Édition 2014 is a must-try for any rum aficionado in search of a refined and extraordinary drinking experience. Don't miss the chance to indulge in this exceptional and rare rum – a true testament to the art of rum making.

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Where can I buy this rum?

1 shop offer available for 336.00:


  • Elegant complexity and perfect balance
  • Enchanting, multifaceted aroma
  • Harmonious, delightful flavor symphony

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How does this rum taste?

An exquisite and harmonious blend of ripe fruit and delicate spices with a touch of vanilla. Its well-integrated alcohol and velvety texture surprise, offering a long, warm finish. A true treasure with a remarkable balance and complexity.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Vanilla Cherry Honey Spicy Barrel Red fruits


Vanilla Roasted Balanced Caramelized Honey Almond


Caramelized Vanilla Honey Smoky Banana Creamy

Community reviews

9.0/1047 ratings
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“Exquisite, yellow fruits meet noble spicy notes and honey sweetness. The wood is not perceptible in any form unpleasant, despite the high age, on the contrary - the balance is almost perfect. Great bottling.”


Honey Cherry Vanilla Cinnamon Mirabelle plum


Banana Honey Vanilla Caramelized Dark chocolate
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“A rum still in stock in Switzerland. Remarkably sweet on the nose, despite the 54%, with amarena cherry, a roasted edge and marzipan. Very smooth on the palate - you'd think this non-agricultural rum was 40%! Balanced and elegant, with deep fruit and floral aromas. Morello cherry galore and a taste of dark chocolate. A remarkably well-balanced, delicious rum! The empty glass is still very rich in flavors around red fruits with lots of cherry 🍒 Compared to the 2022 version, it's more direct and less mysterious. There's no tar on the nose to complicate the aromatics, and the palate has a citrus edge that the 2022 version doesn't have.”


Cherry Honey Spicy


Roasted Balanced Caramelized Chocolate
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“Intensiv, perfekte Balance, vielschichtig, lang anhaltender Abgang. Was ganz geiles! Exquisite! Französische Rums haben teilweise eine Eleganz, die seinesgleichen sucht.”


Dark chocolate Fruits Sugar Dried fruit Iodine


Medicinal Sugar Orange Tobacco Roasted

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Column Still
38 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

363 €
Ø Market value

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About the Domaine de Courcelles distillery

The Domaine de Courcelles distillery is located in Guadeloupe. Rums from Domaine de Courcelles have been reviewed 130 times with an average of 9.0/10.

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