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Enmore Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 22 REV (RX11613)

Savor 27-Year Aged Rum: Irresistible Chocolatey Plum Fusion

Introducing the sumptuous Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 22 REV, a highly sought-after Guyanese rum, skillfully crafted at the renowned Enmore distillery. Hand-selected and bottled by Spirit of Rum, this exquisite blend has been distilled in 1994 using a Single Wooden Pot Still and aged for 27 years 7mo, offering a delectable complexity to each of its 254 bottles. Indulge in the enticing aromas of chocolate, plum, leather, black tea, and dark fruits that greet you upon opening a bottle of this unforgettable rum. Your palate will be mesmerized by the symphony of flavors encompassing plum, roasted notes, black tea, chocolate, and woody essence. Customers will savor this cask strength rum, boasting an impressive 54.5% ABV and bearing the iconic REV mark. Its higher alcohol content perfectly complements its harmonious and well-integrated flavors, resulting in a deliciously smooth experience. Surprisingly sippable, this rum is an excellent addition to any rum enthusiast's collection. Whether you prefer to unwind with a glass on a cool evening or share it with friends, the Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 22 REV is a truly remarkable rum that delights the senses and celebrates the art of rum-making. Don't miss the chance to add this luxurious Guyanese rum to your selection - it won't disappoint!

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 22 REV is based on 59 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

An exquisite, decidedly complex Guyanese rum with perfectly integrated alcohol. Harmoniously balancing rich notes of plums, dark chocolate, lavender, and leather, it is beautifully oily and long-lasting. This rum lives up to its price, offering a unique, almost dangerously enjoyable tasting experience. Perfect for rum connoisseurs.

Reasons to buy

  • Rich, complex chocolate and plum notes
  • Smooth, harmonious flavor integration
  • Highly sippable at cask strength

Nosing impressions

Chocolate Plum Leather Black tea Prunes Smoky Dark Woody Barrel Red fruits

Taste impressions

Plum Roasted Black tea Chocolate Woody Mocha Nutty FullBodied Oily Floral


Leather Woody Barrel Prunes Tobacco Licorice Smoky Tea Bitter Chocolate

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

9.3 /1059 ratings

Community Rating

Already 59 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 9.3 out of 10. A total of 46 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„My REV reference! 🤓Suspenseful lavender notes on the nose. The typical prune note is rather subtle. Great roastiness that goes in the direction of coffee. Then intense and creamy on the palate. Dry with just the right amount of bitterness. Those who like black tea will love this profile.The finish brings back memories of Guiness. By the rather more restrained plum (compared to other REV bottlings) this bottling fully meets my taste! Rightly so, the RumX community has chosen this rum as "Best Rum 2022".“


Lavender Black tea Prunes Leather Dark


Oak Roasted Oily Black tea Plum
Profile picture of user

„One of my favorites of the 94 REVs! Today once again in the glass and I am completely thrilled! A wonderful blend of plum, wood and caramel. Long finish with fruity notes without bitterness.“

Profile picture of user

„A REVolution even among the REVs. After the first onslaught of some glue and a lot of dark chocolate has evaporated, the plum shows up, which also remains present in the taste. The herbs that had the last RA REV go here rather into the floral what I personally find very pleasant. In the taste comes to the dark chocolate and plum still strong mocha. Consistency oily to slightly creamy. Extremely long lasting finish.“


Glue Plum Oak Chocolate Black tea


Plum Chocolate Mocha Oak Oily
Profile picture of user

„Exquisite. Some time to breathe is strictly advised to draw out the true splendor of this bottling. After about 45 minutes, the typical plum and wood notes of REV Marques in intimate harmony with leather and fresh green notes enchant even the most pampered palate. Very successful release and for me already a highlight in 2022. Also in direct comparison with other representatives of the 1994 Vintages an extremely convincing overall package - perhaps even the most quaffable representative. Absolute top level.“


Plum Leather Black tea Barrel Prunes


Plum Roasted Black tea Oak Prunes
Profile picture of user

„Very delicious harmonius rum. A lot of atypical Enmore notes like lavender. The barrel is here not so dominant as in other enmores. Also you won‘t find the typical licorice/minty notes. The alcohol is intergrated just perfect. Very lovely enmore 🤤 Personal comment: RA 2020 = V&M 2021 > RC 2022 = Bellamy‘s > RA 2021 > SBS > Samaroli 2021“


Plum Chocolate Leather Black tea Red fruits


Plum Dried fruit Oily FullBodied Black tea
Profile picture of user

„The nose is the absolute hammer. Especially this lavender note totally flashes me.The iodine / sticking plaster note of other Enmores is virtually absent here, instead beautifully intense and elegant after leather, plum nut, lavender and dark chocolate.The alcohol is perfectly integrated. Lavender is there briefly, then unfortunately quickly departs, leaving the more dominant notes of leather, bitter walnut, dark chocolate and prune spiced with some allspice, mint and nutmeg to take over. Very harmoniously delicious, almost dangerously drinkable, which is really rare in such old Enmores. The lavender note“


Chocolate Lavender Red fruits Prunes Black tea


Mocha Bitter Lavender Chocolate Walnut
Profile picture of user

„Oh dear, what a wonderful rum Intense, well balanced and I really like the smoky/wood profile. The palate is oily and overall a wonderful mix of flavours. The empty glass emits a nice bouquet of flavours after an hour and even the day after you can still pick up all the main components.“


Plum Leather Smoky Woody Intense


Woody Plum Raisin Smoky FullBodied
Profile picture of user

„Nose: Thick, dark and komplex. Plums, figs and chai tea with milk. Komplex and intensive on the palate with plum, rhubarb, ample spices and some floral notes. Really nice cask and bottling right here.Compared to other ‘94 REVs, the nose is way more open and comparably more sweet. More focus on fruity notes vs. dark spices and herbs. On the palate the higher ABV das help to get just this little edge on complexity making this cask the best I tasted so far.“


Heavy Licorice Cinnamon Vanilla Figs


Plum Black tea Nutty Roasted Soft
Profile picture of user

„Nase: Pflaume, Kaffee, dunkle Schokolade, Kräuter und Schwarztee, leicht süßlich. Gaumen: Schön ölig, Pflaume, Schwarztee. Sehr lecker. Im Direktvergleich mit dem SBS (RX9537) mehr Frucht (Pflaume) und insgesamt intensiver. Dafür weniger süß. Minimal besser.“


Plum Chocolate Oak Herbal Black tea


Oily FullBodied Nutty Oak Plum
Profile picture of user

„Starker Enmore ... tolle Würze leckere Fruchtnoten. Alkohol unfassbar gut eingebunden. Samtig ölig im Mund .“

Profile picture of user

„Beautiful Enmore REV. The first nose brings a lot of wood, toasted notes, barrel and nuts. After a standing time, fruit notes of plum and raisin are added. Taste very spicy, light vegetal notes and roasted and bitter notes. Long finish with wood and leather.“


Woody Barrel Roasted nuts Plum Chocolate


Plum Dried fruit Woody Nutty Roasted
Profile picture of user

„Un rhum titanesque qui mérite sa place au panthéon des meilleurs rhums. Le nez est extrêmement parfumé : les notes florales, la lavande, les herbes aromatiques (thym) et le thé noir embaument les narines d’une belle fraîcheur qui contrebalance le côté chaleureux et sombre des épices (réglisse, cannelle, vanille, piment doux) du boisé fin et des notes empyreumatiques très concentrées (toast, notes rôties et fumées). Les fruits secs (abricot, raisin et pruneau) se mêlent à la prune, au sucre Demerara, au caramel et au toffee pour apporter une généreuse couche de gourmandise. Un nez absolument divin pour une expérience inoubliable. L’attaque en bouche, d’une douceur infinie, cache une myriade de saveurs à décrypter : le chêne, bien fondu, se joint à l’amertume du café, du cuir et du chocolat noir, aux épices chatoyantes (réglisse, anis, vanille, cannelle, piment doux) et aux notes sombres et fumées pour un spectacle aromatique incroyable. Le spectre aromatique s’étale aux fleurs, au tabac, aux herbes aromatiques, au thé noir, mais aussi aux prunes et aux fruits secs (raisin et pruneau). Le rhum, huileux, un peu crémeux et d’une profondeur remarquable, est une véritable potion d’amour. La finale, infinie, n’offre pas de nouveautés mais réussit justement à conserver l’ensemble des saveurs en bouche afin de garder cette structure et cette homogénéité tout au long de la dégustation. On ressent la chaleur, l’amertume et la gourmandise dans une fusion des plus réussies. Il ne reste plus qu’à se prosterner devant un des rhums de Guyana les mieux aboutis à ce jour.“


Woody Oak Barrel Spice Vanilla


Woody Oak Barrel Bitter Coffee
Profile picture of user

„Oh wow! What a beautiful, intense, complex nose: deeply spicy and fruity. Dried blood orange, cherry and a subtle floral violet note. A pleasant acidity of molasses syrup alongside a fine vinegar. Plus old wood with nice toasted and smoky flavors. Sweetness of maple syrup and candied orange peel and a bit of caramel with vanilla come in. I love it ❤️.Strong and intense on the palate as well. Nice and dark, malty, toasty, woody. Bitterness gradually fades into dried blood orange and mocha. Heavily roasted hazelnuts add a tart note accompanied by some caraway and lovage. Acidity from molasses and sweetness from violet licorice.Violet licorice for me also dominant in the finish.We have here a wonderful, round yet powerful REV. Super rum 🥰!!!“


Complex Intense Delicious Spicy Fruity


Woody Spicy Roasted Malt Dark
Profile picture of user

„Ein Rum zum Verweilen…. Stundenlang“


Chocolate Plum Dark Red fruits Black tea


Plum Creamy FullBodied Chocolate Black tea
Profile picture of user

„Ein wirklich toller REV. Vollmundig und komplex. Ein Rum zum Genießen.“


Chocolate Plum Leather Black tea Red fruits


Plum Black tea Oily Mocha Roasted

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What are the key data of the rum?

Rumclub Private Selection
Made from
Single Wooden Pot Still
27 years 7mo
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Enmore distillery

The distillery Enmore is located in Guyana. Rums from Enmore have been reviewed 2,131 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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