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Foursquare Plenipotenziario (RX113)

Unlock Barbados' Secret: Bold, Exquisite, Limited Rum Masterpiece!

Discover the exquisite taste of the highly sought-after Plenipotenziario rum, a limited-release masterpiece from the renowned Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Selected and bottled by the prestigious independent bottler Velier, this 12-year-old rum, distilled in 2007, showcases Foursquare's signature blend of Pot and Column Still distillation from Molasses, creating an outstanding flavor profile. Unravel the enchanting nose of this cask strength rum, featuring alluring notes of vanilla, woody undertones, inviting coconut, spicy nuances, and tropical fruit. As you sip, relish the captivating fusion of flavors that include rich vanilla, warm woody notes, exquisite tropical fruit, zesty orange peel, and robust oak. The Plenipotenziario rum has garnered praise from rum enthusiasts around the world for its complexity, fruitiness, and harmonious balance of flavors. This rum is perfect for the discerning palate, offering a delightful experience with its smooth and creamy texture, gentle spice, and a dry, lingering finish. Proudly bottled at 60% ABV, this extraordinary rum is limited to only 6000 bottles, making it a must-have addition to any rum aficionado's collection. Experience the magic of Foursquare's expertise combined with Velier's premium selection in this exceptional Plenipotenziario rum, a Barbadian gem that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Plenipotenziario is based on 159 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The "Plenipotenziario" Foursquare Barbados Rum is a remarkable blend of complexity and lightness. It boasts rich, tropical fruit notes, balanced by smoky, earthy undertones. The bourbon-cask aging adds a lovely depth and warmth, although the high ABV may be overpowering for some.

Reasons to buy

  • Complexity and harmonious balance
  • Rich fruitiness
  • Smooth, creamy texture

Nosing impressions

Vanilla Coconut Woody Spicy Tropical fruit Milk chocolate Dried fruit Leather Alcoholic Almond

Taste impressions

Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit OrangePeal Oak Complex Tobacco Coconut Toffee Dry


Vanilla Dry Roasted Coconut Black pepper Salty Round Toasted Woody Astringent

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How do experts rate this rum?

In depth reviews, tests and tasting notes from reputable rum bloggers:

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.8 /10159 ratings

Community Rating

Already 159 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.8 out of 10. A total of 27 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Very nice Foursquare, which I blindly even put in the direction of very good Guyana Column Rum.“


Vanilla Coconut Spicy Yellow fruits Milk chocolate


Cocoa Dry Vanilla Coconut Concentrated
Profile picture of user

„Very nice Foursquare, classic, deep, fruity as you like. Quite hard at the opening of the bottle, perfect after a few months of opening the bottle. Coconut, a little varnish, tropical fruits on the nose which continues with an expressive mouth where licorice dominates.a very nice expression! Even better a little more oxidized.“


Coconut Woody Alcoholic Tropical fruit Honey


Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit Coconut Complex
Profile picture of user

„Extremely tasty number that is dominated mainly by the floral tones of rose and Thai flight mango, which then alternate again with nutty and chocolaty flavors. Mega exciting, extremely sweet and just such a complexity is very rarely the case with Foursquare. For me absolutely outstanding! Too bad I did not grab here at the time 🙈It has become one of my favorite sipping rums.“


Mango Rose Vanilla Peppery Almond


Mango Cocoa Cappuccino Oak Salty
Profile picture of user

„#16th dec RumXCalendar Blind tasting: Nose: coconut, fruity, woody, vanilla, alcoholic, spicy Mouth: coconut, orange peal, woody, spicy, cocoa Finish: long, oak, woody, toasted, roasted, sweet, coconut. Delicious I enjoyed this one a lot. Until today i’ve tried 3-4 different foursquares, but they doesn’t really blow my mind. This FS really changed my mind, it’s delicious and the alcohol is much better integrated, unfortunately the actual price tag is way too high. This is from Foursquare ca. 60% approx. 15 Years“


Vanilla Woody Coconut Spicy Almond


Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit Cappuccino Oak
Profile picture of user

„RumX Advent 16.12.22 N: Schoko, getrocknete Früchte, leicht seifig, schärfe, Vanille, konzentriert, Fass, Melasse, Gebäck, Sirup, dezent blumig, Kokosnuss M: stimmig zur Nase, noch mehr Würze, Piment, Minze, getoastet A: Pfirsich, trocken, schokolade Sehr konzentrierte und komplexer Geschmack. Ich schwankte zwischen NY 94 und Albion. Habe mich dann für Yarmouth entschieden. Leider daneben. Schoko/Kokos Profil hat mich in eine andere Richtung gelotst. Leckerer Rum, geschmeidig und vollmundig.“


Dirty Hot Complex Dried fruit


Raisin Strong Cream Herbal Tropical fruit
Profile picture of user

„Toller Foursquare von Velier. Sowohl Qualität als auch Geschmacksprofil Standard, also nicht wirklich was Neues. Schöne Nase mit Kokos und wundervollem Holz, wunderbar warmes Mundgefühl. Alkohol perfekt integriert. Meiner Meinung steht Foursquare die Reifung in Bourbon-Fässern am besten.“


Coconut Mango Cedar Roasted Warm


Cedar Dried dates Mango Oily Velvety
Profile picture of user

„Le côté piquant piquant disparaît après 30 min d'aération. Cela lui confère des notes plus mielleuses. top.“


Leather Cherry Red fruits Mineral Vanilla


Pungent Astringent Tropical fruit Yellow fruits Vanilla
Profile picture of user

„Ziemlich guter Foursquare, komplexes Feuerwerk aus Karamell, tropischen Früchten, Holz, Kakao und Gewürzen. Auf die Schärfe im Mund war ich nicht vorbereitet, aber beim zweiten Schluck oder mit etwas Wasser geht es besser. Ansonsten sehr bitter, pelzig und schwer im Mund. Im Mund und Nachgang gibt es eine Komponente, die mir nicht wirklich zusagt. Die Nase ist aber sehr lecker :-)“


Coconut Tropical fruit Raisin Dried fruit Banana


Tobacco Sharpness Astringent Dry Peppery
Profile picture of user

„Un Foursquare très savoureux qui s’ouvre avec des notes de vernis, suivies de bois, d’épices, de vanille et de caramel, puis des fruits tropicaux, des agrumes et des fruits secs et enfin des arômes de cuir et de brioche qui apportent de la profondeur à ce rhum au nez très variée. Le rhum est complexe en bouche, intense et porté par les fruits tropicaux, des notes cacaotées, toastées et épicées, le tabac, le toffee et le boisé. Les arômes s’entremêlent et sont très bien intégrés, tout comme l’alcool. La finale, assez longue, s’ouvre sur des saveurs plus terreuses et fraîches, avec une pointe salée avant de se fondre sur des notes toastées, épicées et chocolatées. Un excellent Foursquare, un must try qui est encore abordable.“


Varnish Synthetic Woody Spice Vanilla


Tropical fruit Woody Dry Complex Vanilla
Profile picture of user

„Fantastischer Foursquare. Da hätte man mal zuschlagen sollen als es die noch zu halbwegs vernünftigen Preisen gab. Ein Rum für jeden Tag.“


Vanilla Woody Coconut Spicy Milk chocolate


OrangePeal Coconut Vanilla Woody Dry
Profile picture of user

„Taste is full of bourbon and oak, after develop and you cannidentify the minerals, chocolate and ending in long smoked aftertaste.“

Profile picture of user

„Un grand Foursquare. C'est gourmand mais sans excès.“


Coconut Caramelized Chocolate Vanilla Woody


Caramelized Dried fruit Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit
Profile picture of user

„Verkostet im Rahmen des RumX Adventkalenders 2022. Aber wegen einem schlimmen “Weihnachtsfeier-Kater” nicht blind sondern erst am nächsten Morgen. Ich hatte bisher keinen Foursquare, der mir geschmeckt hat und ging überkritisch aber auch gleichzeitig hoffnungsvoll an diese Verkostung. Der Rum ist sehr sehr gut und bringt interessante Facetten in das Profil, das ich als eher langweilig empfinde. Wird auch in Zukunft nicht meine Lieblingsfedtillerie werden, aber ich bin froh, diesen Rum probiert zu haben. Alles in Allem sehe ich mich belehrt und bestätigt gleichzeitig. So, jetzt freue ich mich auf den letzten Schluck 😉 Edit: habe den Nachgeschmack noch lange genossen und korrigiere nochmal nach oben 🤤“


Vanilla Woody Coconut Milk chocolate Spicy


Vanilla Woody OrangePeal Tobacco Oak
Profile picture of user

„With full powers (c) Gargano It is“


Vanilla Woody Leather Milk chocolate Tropical fruit


Vanilla Woody Tropical fruit OrangePeal Tobacco
Profile picture of user

„Yummy! 😋 Haven’t tasted this one in quite some time and have to bump it several points this time. - Long time no taste, but yummy deluxe and bumping it a few points today.“


Vanilla Woody Dark chocolate Roasted Spicy


Vanilla Woody Delicious Sweet Toffee

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
Pot and Column Still
12 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

The RumX community has already added 538 bottles to their collections:








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No. 23 Barbados FS

Nobilis Rum • Foursquare
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About the Foursquare distillery

The distillery Foursquare is located in Barbados. Rums from Foursquare have been reviewed 6,384 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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