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Rhums Gadyamb Savanna Skori 2021 52,6%

RX11263 Good Column Still Rum Single Cask 204 bottles Under 50€

Experience the unique harmony of the Gadyamb Savanna Skori rum, an exquisite spirit selected and bottled by the renowned independent bottler Rhums Gadyamb and produced in the Savanna distillery in Reunion. This limited release is a fascinating blend of traditional and agricole rums, captivating enthusiasts with its rich palette of flavors expertly developed in just 5 months in a red wine cask. Highly commended for its pleasing roundness and smoothness, the Gadyamb Savanna Skori radiates a gourmand aroma underscored by the vivacious notes of fresh fruits and comforting vanilla. Its sweet scent is delightfully balanced by a warm, slightly spicy alcohol punch that further enhances the uniqueness of its profile. The palate dazzles with an exciting dance between playful citrus and delectable chocolate, refined with traces of vanilla. Despite its youthful age, the rum showcases impressive depth that is smoothly interwoven with a distinct spiciness to create a deliciously compelling sip. The Gadyamb Savanna Skori also wins praises for its well-integrated texture on the palate. Its finish is complimented with a delicate mineral note, adding a touch of elegance to its abundant flavor. This rum doesn't overshadow with raw wildness, instead it rewards the senses with a fair balance of body and grace with each sip. Discover the delightful combination of tradition, adventure, and quality craftsmanship in every bottle of Gadyamb Savanna Skori rum. From its enticing aroma to its generous flavor profile, it is sure to become a cherished fixture in any rum collection. Key phrases include Savanna Skori, rum from Reunion, limited release, red-wine cask, rich flavor profile, harmony of tastes, captivating aroma and elegant finish.

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How does this rum taste?

A surprising delight from the Savanna distillery; Skori strikes a balance of robust fruitiness, notes of vanilla, chocolate, and unexpected hint of caramel. Despite its youth and potent 52.6% ABV, it's harmonious and quite palatable. Its unique sweet-bitter profile sparks debate.

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Vanilla Fruity Citrus Yellow fruits Pear Honey


Citrus Chocolate Vanilla Spicy Strong Ginger


Chocolate Caramel Ginger Pear Vanilla Milk chocolate

Community reviews

7.9/1013 ratings
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“Ein relativ junger Savanna mit ungewöhnlichem Geschmacksprofil, sehr süffig. Mir persönlich aber zu süß (als wenn ein wenig Dosage dazugegeben wurde)”

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“Toller Blend aus Traditionnel und Agricole. Nur 5 Monate im Rotwein-Fass gereift - trotzdem geschmackvoll und nicht zu wild. Sehr fairer Preis - Empfehlung!”

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“Wirkt ein bisschen jung”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Column Still
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Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

45 €
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About the Savanna distillery

The Savanna distillery is located in Reunion. Rums from Savanna have been reviewed 3,711 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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