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Barikenn Jamaica Secret Distillery WPL 2010 55%

RX1122 Good Single Cask 302 bottles Under 100€

Introducing the Jamaica Secret Distillery WPL, a limited release rum produced in Jamaica and selected by the independent bottler Barikenn. Distilled in 2010 from molasses, this rum boasts an ABV of 55% and is marked with WPL. With only 302 bottles available, it presents a unique experience for rum lovers. The aroma composition features banana, ester, vegetal, vanilla, and tropical fruit notes while the flavor profile showcases banana, overripe fruit, spiciness, astringency, and barrel influences. According to RumX users, this rum has a classic Jamaican nose with ripe fruits and esters but maintains a low ester profile which makes it pleasantly drinkable. Its relatively young age still delivers a full and round taste. Some users find the alcohol presence a bit overpowering, yet others appreciate how well-integrated the 55% ABV is in the overall profile. A few users noted a slight acidity along with a fruity and funky character. Overall, this rum leaves an impression on those who appreciate its uniqueness and classic Jamaican traits.

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Banana Ester Vegetal Vanilla Tropical fruit Alcoholic


Banana Overripe Spicy Astringent Barrel Fresh


Spicy Yellow fruits Spice Sharpness Overripe

Community reviews

7.8/1015 ratings
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“Nez classique chez WP : des fruits mûrs, de la banane, des esters. Une pointe d'acidité également. En bouche, l'alcool est très (trop?) présent. Il a laissé peu de place a l'expression des arômes pour moi. C'est fruité, pimenté. 2e dégustation : l'impression est meilleure que lors de la 1ere dégustation. Ce n'est pas le meilleur Jamaicain qu'il m'ait été donné de goûter mais après le Guyana de même embouteilleur, celui-ci passe mieux. Toujours une acidité pas très agréable. Mais j'apprécie plus le côté funky-fruité cette fois.”


Banana Acidic Fruity Ester Alcoholic


Overripe Fresh Alcoholic Spicy Astringent
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“Ein eher adstringierenden WP”

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“Kein Highester Worthy Park. Das macht ihn wunderbar trinkbar. Aromatisch sehr voll und rund trotz das es sich um ein relativ junges Destillat handelt.”


Banana Tropical fruit Ester Citrus Vanilla


Banana Overripe Tropical fruit Astringent Barrel

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What are the key facts about this rum?

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Under 100€
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What is the price trend for this rum?

53 €
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