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CDI Leviathan 48yr 46%

RX11070 Very good Column Still Rum 525 bottles Above 250€

Introducing Leviathan, a unique rum meticulously crafted by the Compagnie des Indes at the Multi Distilleries distillery, produced in multiple countries from a blend of molasses and sugar cane juice. Aged for an impressive 48 years and bottled at 46% ABV, this limited release of only 525 bottles truly stands out. With a delightful nose of leather, dried fruit, raisin, herbal, and caramel notes, it offers a flavorful palate of barrel, licorice, leather, chocolate, and raisin. RumX users highly appreciated its rich and complex aromas, describing it as intense and perfectly balanced, but with some mentioning that a higher ABV could have added more depth. A must-try for rum aficionados seeking a uniquely aged and distinctive blend.

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How does this rum taste?

The Leviathan rum surprises with its complexity and intensity. Its explosive blend of fruit, herbs, and molasses is very pleasing, though its thin palate can disappoint. This aged blend captivates with its dark chocolate and coffee notes, hinting at its long history.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Dried fruit Raisin Leather Herbal Caramel Roasted


Barrel Licorice Leather Raisin Chocolate Herbal


Spicy Dried fruit Barrel Leather Thin Grass

Community reviews

8.3/1024 ratings
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“On retasting I can see that I would have loved a higher ABV as with the Kaiman. I just got this sample today and it just came at me from the glass while resting it. What a wonderful blend. Perfectly balanced, complex and intense. The long aging is heavy on the flavours and rhe barrel almost gets to a note where it is harsh. Coffee, licorice, fruit, leather, herbs, menthol and the barrel dance in near perfect harmony on cloud 17. I will order a bottle though expensive. A great rum that beats the Kaiman blend, which I like a lot as well. Price to quality is hard to put on this one. In my mind the price matches the quality.”


Leather Coffee Intense Herbal Barrel


Licorice Barrel Leather Balanced Intense
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“Incredibly exciting nose of fresh fig, black tea, leather, burnt caramel , tree resin, orange peel and rose water, as well as burnt wood and baking spices.Taste then first quite woody and spicy, herbaceous, plus maple syrup and rose peppers, as well as rosehip with black tea, leather belt and velvety after prune and licorice. Properly astringent on the finish, tannins like an old red wine. A really nice interplay of flavors and in my opinion not too thin if you take your time for it.Also despite the age still impressively complex and not too woody!Personally, I find the CDI Cayman but overall more exciting and complex. The Leviathan is more straightforward and quaffable. But both are definitely fun!”


Figs Black tea Parfum Prunes Leather


Herbal Rose Bitter Red wine Licorice
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“Komplex und auch wie beim Kaiman: wahnsinnig viel Veränderung über die Zeit. Weniger Komplex als der Kaiman. Wie viel Kraft und Ausdruck in den 46% stecken, geil. Ich verstehe aber dass hier einige Volumen mehr, noch was anderes mit dem Produkt gemacht hätten. Mir persönlich schmeckts so aber sehr gut. Ich hatte nicht so viel erwartet, weshalb beide für mich eine Überraschung waren.”


Plum Figs Chocolate Barrel Cream


Sour cherry Tobacco Licorice Leather Nutty

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Molasses and sugar cane juice
Column Still
48 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

369 €
Ø Market value

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