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Habitation Velier Worthy Park Forsyths 151 Proof White WPE 2017 Unaged 75,5%

RX10923 Very good White Rum 4,017 bottles Under 100€

The Forsyths 151 Proof White, distilled by Jamaica's renowned Worthy Park distillery, is a riot of tropical fruit and caramel aromas that must be experienced. An audacious blend, it flaunts its Pot Still heritage, oozing with notes of fruity banana and exotic pineapple. It's a robust white rum with an overwhelmingly warm sensation that carves its niche, making it a daring choice for aficianados. Housed in a limited edition of just 4017 bottles, this high-proof rum, boasting a bold 75.5% ABV, is not for the faint-hearted. Underneath its strong, alcoholic overtones are hidden layers of characterful nuances like leather and varnish, adding depth and complexity to this otherwise vivacious tipple. Its finish reveals a subtle hint of dates, leaving a conversation-worthy impression, despite its noted brevity. This rum's compelling flavor and aroma profiles make it a versatile spirit. It can enhance cocktails or be savored on its own – each sip a testament to its fiery strengths. But do prepare it wisely, as it demands patience and perhaps a few drops of water to unmask its full potential. Perfect for those who favor unorthodox spirits, Forsyths 151 Proof White is essentially a raw distillery expression, resonating the craftsmanship of Habitation Velier, a celebrated independent bottler. A bottle of this rum is a captivating slice of the exciting rum culture of Jamaica. Its textural mix of tropical charm and fierce energy is sure to captivate your palate, creating a tasting spectrum that ranges from warm and comforting to fiercely thrilling. So why not partake and experience this heady, unfiltered delight of rum making artistry?

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Alcoholic Glue Tropical fruit Varnish Caramel Citrus


Alcoholic Banana Leather Warm Burn Roasted


Warm Alcoholic Synthetic Malt Raisin Leather

Community reviews

8.0/1013 ratings
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“Whoo! The alcohol is well felt on the nose. But exotic fruits are not far away, fortunately! Pineapple in particular. The palate is hot and uncomplicated, but again fruits like banana. Ultra short finish with a remnant of dates. As stated on the label, not really to be sipped, more for cocktails. A few drops of water don't soften this bomb, they even make the nose worse.Amazing!”


Alcoholic Glue Tropical fruit Pineapple


Alcoholic Volatile Banana Burn
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“I think this one would be good in mixers, though it can be enjoyed pure. If you want to enjoy it pure, you have to rest it for 15+ minutes or the ABV will bite. Add some water for more flavours. The nose is fruity with caramel and vanilla trailed by varnish. If you don't rest it and add a few drops of water you're going to feel the ABV. The palate warm and fruity with vanilla and leather and again the ABV will bite you if you don't add water. The finish is very long and warm with raisin and leather.”


Caramel Alcoholic Pineapple Mango Vanilla


Leather Mango Banana Vanilla Warm
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“Wow. The first white for me that has tones of caramel and malt inside. Really very exciting and interesting”


Roasted Caramel Citrus Malt


Alcoholic Leather Roasted Malt

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What are the key facts about this rum?

White Rum
Made from
Pot Still
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

63 €
Ø Market value

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About the Worthy Park distillery

The Worthy Park distillery is located in Jamaica. Rums from Worthy Park have been reviewed 3,075 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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