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Papalin Jamaica (RX10642)

Tropical Delight: Funky Ester Fusion, Sippable Sophistication

Discover the exceptional Papalin Jamaica Rum, a limited release crafted by the renowned Multi Distilleries distillery in Jamaica and selected by the prestigious independent bottler Velier. This exquisite rum, aged for 7 years and boasting an ABV of 57.18%, offers a vibrant blend of tropical fruit, ester, and pineapple aromas. Produced from molasses using a Pot Still, its unique flavor profile consists of tantalizing spicy, funky, ester, and pineapple notes that delight the senses. Echoing the distinctive qualities of its Worthy Park and Hampden components, this rare treasure offers an inviting nose with a bouquet of tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya, alongside subtle floral and ester undertones. The Papalin Jamaica Rum impresses the palate with its minerality, fermented fruits, and gentle spices, making it a top choice for both sipping and mixing. Limited to just 1200 bottles, this well-balanced and easily sippable gem has garnered glowing reviews within the RumX community for its freshness, funkiness, and perfect harmony of flavors. Embrace the distinctive character of Papalin Jamaica Rum and experience the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation in every sip.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Papalin Jamaica is based on 123 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Papalin Jamaica rum offers an intriguing blend of delicate Jamaican funkiness and buttery tropical fruit undertones with a well-balanced palate that showcases the unique quaintness of its Worthy Park component. Complimented by subtle spices with a pleasantly-integrated ABV, it's a noteworthy choice for its price range.

Reasons to buy

  • Tropical fruit, ester, pineapple aromas
  • Minerality, fermented fruits, gentle spices
  • Fresh, funky, harmonious balance

Nosing impressions

Tropical fruit Funky Ester Pineapple Fermented Barrel Papaya Spice Floral Confections

Taste impressions

Tropical fruit Spicy Funky Ester Pineapple Banana Balanced Warm Nutty Papaya


Woody Spice Vegetal Fruits Anise Barrel Nutty Milk chocolate Cherry Sherry

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.2 /10123 ratings

Community Rating

Already 123 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.2 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Beautiful blend. Find it a bit sharp compared to the weaker brother. 81/100“

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„Very nice jamaican blend. Both distilleries are well noted and through the finish you’ll get also some cherry notes. Very delicious, but i’m missing the complexity/full body. Also the finish is quite “short” and not so impressive. The 57% are integrated well.“


Ester Tropical fruit Pineapple Papaya Overripe


Ester Spicy Warm Tropical fruit Pineapple
Profile picture of user

„On the nose still somewhat stronger impressions from the Hampden parts, but in the mouth Worthy Park increasingly takes command. Nevertheless, the fruit ester part of the HLCF part of the blend remains an always recognizable companion. Not a candidate for rum of the year, but at the issue price this was a really fair deal for a qualitatively convincing rum.“


Pineapple Mango Mandarin Black pepper Oak


Oak Smoky Pineapple Banana Licorice
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„Beautiful blend in which the Worthy Park Kompenente dominates.“


Tropical fruit Ester Papaya Fermented Spice


Tropical fruit Ester Banana Funky Warm
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„This one is even better than the lower ABV brother. Wow, very good price to quality on this one as well. Luckily I bought several bottles of each one. The nose is fresh, funky and fruity with ester, grass, wood and a mix of spices. The palate is wonderfully balanced, fresh, funky and fruity with esters, wood, spices and light nuts. The finish is very long and has wood, grass, spices, chocolate and fruits to it. The higher ABV has done this rum well :-)“


Pineapple Papaya Ester Funky Fresh


Pineapple Nutty Balanced Funky Ester
Profile picture of user

„For me clearly more Worthy Park than Hampden, blind I would also guess nen LFCH at Hampden. Overall less complex than the Habitation Velier Worthy Park, less intensity than the Habitation Velier LFCH. Also more biting overall. Finish MittellangHätte expected more - not bad but still clearly not a must try for me“

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„VSGB - I finally get around to opening this one as well. Nose: relaxed and pleasant, fruity-spicy, with light ester notes. Lemon and orange peel with some green apple. A pleasant honey sweetness and soft licorice come in. Some wood in the back and very slightly smoky. The WP clearly takes over here before HD. I imagine the smoky note comes from minimal sherry content. 85Palate: first a bit dry and spicy as well as bitter and salty, then slowly softening into licorice and anise. Then light esters and some lemon also come in, as well as the barrel and some umami. Not so convincing here overall, not bad, but nothing special either. 77“


Lemon OrangePeal Spicy Ester Green apple


Dry Hot Salty Anise Umami
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„Un assemblage entre Hampden et Worthy Park version Full Proof. L’alchimie entre les deux distilleries passe bien, on retrouve au nez des marqueurs typiques sur les fruits tropicaux mûrs (ananas, banane, papaye en tête) et des notes phénoliques sur les esters, les solvants et la colle. On perçoit un côté fermenté assez marqué, des notes médicinales, minérales et d’agrumes (citron vert). Il y a une influence épicée non négligeable sur la vanille, la réglisse et la cannelle, ainsi qu’un boisé imprégné par le fût. Un profil olfactif simple, structuré, cohérent et qui fonctionne bien. L’attaque en bouche est assez directe. Hampden revendique ses notes fruités et ses esters, tandis que Worthy Park apporte son lot d’épices (vanille, piment, réglisse) et une influence boisée au profil. Une légère note médicinale et minérale se dessine en fin de bouche. On est sur quelque chose de funky, mais très rond et équilibré. L’alcool est assez bien intégré. La finale est pour le coup en-deçà des attentes, les arômes s’estompant rapidement malgré la bonne lancée au nez et en bouche. Fruits, esters, noix, épices et boisé se côtoient avec une note d’amertume végétale qui ressort. Une finale mince, légère et malheureusement trop éphémère. Plus concentré mais moins diversifié que son confrère réduit, ce Papalin reste une référence solide pour toute personne souhaitant découvrir un rhum jamaïcain haut en couleur à un prix très raisonnable.“


Tropical fruit Pineapple Banana Ester Solvents


Tropical fruit Banana Pineapple Spice Spicy
Profile picture of user

„On the nose, has very gentle Jamaican funkiness, with tropical fruits (pineapple and papaya, to me), a subtle floral background note, and some sweetness that reminds me confetti. In the blend, the WP really stands out, as the nose profile really reminds me the HV Forsyths WP. On the palate, the minerality of the high esters Hampden comes through, then again tropical fermented fruits and some spices. For its release price, it is a no-brainer buy. Really balanced and easily sipping rum, although not a memorable one“


Tropical fruit Pineapple Papaya Fermented Funky


Tropical fruit Pineapple Papaya Mineral Funky
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„Nose: more closed than the little brother with 47%. But the higher alcohol content is hardly noticeable. Palate: also not as straightforward as the 47% with a nice nuttiness.Aftertaste: here comes me now the association to Clarendon, which the 47% already showed on the palate!Clearly more interesting compared to the little brother. Provides a nice window into the world of Jamaica Rum.“


Tropical fruit Pineapple Papaya Funky Ester


Tropical fruit Spicy Pineapple Funky Balanced
Profile picture of user

„Tasted as a 5cl sample. Compared to the 47% less buttery smells. Instead, bubble gum, varnish, tropical fruit, slightly fermented. If the bubblegum smell would not be there rather the typical Jamaica profile than in the 47 variant. But all quite harmonious and pleasant.Taste very balanced between spices and fruit, which do not interfere with each other. In the finish dominates then rather Holziger taste, with a touch of sour cherry. Alcohol is well integrated and the finish lasts long. Price-wise, this rum clearly stands out from the crowd. For 60-65€/0.7l an absolute no brainer. Now and then emerges yes ne Glasche. So far I was always seconds too late. Maybe I still have the necessary luck. Absolute buy recommendation for the issue price.“


Varnish Tropical fruit Pineapple Papaya Fermented


Tropical fruit Funky Spicy Pineapple Nutty
Profile picture of user

„Im Gegensatz zum leichteren Bruder ist dieser an der Nase viel zurückhaltender und subtiler! Klar, Frucht ist auch vorhanden, aber nicht so präsent, hinzu kommt leichte Ester, ein wenig Lösungsmittel und etwas Funk! Am Gaumen überwiegen holzige Würzigkeit mit einem hauch von Schwarztee! Alkohol ist gut integriert! Der Abgang relativ kurz und unspektakulär! Ein guter Rum, komnt aber meines Erachtens an den Hampden Estate HLCF (gleiche Preisklasse) nicht heran!“


Tropical fruit Papaya Solvents Ester Fermented


Spicy Tropical fruit Balanced Vegetal Black tea
Profile picture of user

„Recht bitter, würzig und holzig. Bin mir nicht sicher ob mir hier die Trinkstärke sogar besser gefällt. Auf jeden nicht so richtig mein Fall und zu bitter und holzig für meinen Geschmack. Geht so🤷🏼‍♂️“


Licorice Barrel Burnt Spice Tropical fruit


Astringent Bitter Nutty Spicy Chocolate
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„the 'red' in direct comparison with the 'blue': The red scores slightly higher, as it seems rounder despite the higher ABV. The blue is more at the fermented HD notes, the red more at the fruity WP notes. At Ausgsbepreis both a good P/L.“

Profile picture of user

„I have the little brother, but this one is better.“


Tropical fruit Barrel Floral Funky


Spicy Nutty Tropical fruit Vegetal Funky

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
Pot Still
7 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

The RumX community has already added 276 bottles to their collections:








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