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Neisson Profil 62 (65 ans LMDW) 1yr 49,2%

RX10565 Good Rhum Agricole AOC 900 bottles Under 100€
“Agricole with fresh, grassy notes and harmonious sweet woodiness.”

The Profil 62 (65 ans LMDW) is a limited-edition rum hailing from the renowned Neisson distillery in Martinique. Produced from sugar cane juice and distilled using a Creole Column, this rum is aged for 1 year and presents an ABV of 49.2%. With only 900 bottles available, this rum has gained the admiration of rum enthusiasts. According to tasting notes, it exhibits a vegetal and fresh aroma with hints of young wood, spice and sugarcane. The flavor profile is a delightful blend of honey, vanilla, freshness, spiciness, and sugarcane. Overall, our RumX community has been impressed with this rum's well-balanced character, making it an enjoyable sipper, particularly for those who appreciate Agricole-style rums.

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2 shop offers available from 63.90 to 65.90:

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How does this rum taste?

A distinct agricole with fresh grassy and herbal notes, hints of sweet honey, and a light oak presence. Some find it pleasantly harmonious yet mildly diluted, creating a debate on its full potential. An agreeable, young sipper.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Vegetal Fresh Sugarcane Young wood Woody Spice


Vanilla Honey Sugarcane Fresh Woody Spicy


Woody Sweet Herbal Peppery Minty Sugarcane

Community reviews

7.6/1045 ratings
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“In the 20th RX- Calendar sample today a Neisson (correctly typed). Aromas of grass and plants, mint, young wood. Overall a bit more subtle than the previous Agricole in the calendar. On the palate also rather mild, Young wood, Honey, Vegetable. Alcohol well integrated.”


Young wood Grass Vegetal Fresh Minty


Fresh Young wood Honey Spicy Grass
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“For me, not really typical Agricole! I miss something the vegetal notes! Overall, however, a good rum and for its young age already quite woody”


Minty Young wood Buttery


Woody Spicy Creamy Light Honey
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“#20 RumXCalendar Blind tasting: N: Agricole, sugarcane, fresh, young wood, sweet, honey M: fresh, vegetal, chocolate, honey F: oak, sweet, dry, young wood Prediction: this is an agricole for sure, hard to name the destillery, approx. 45% and max. 10 years …. It‘s an easy sipper. A good rum for beginner-advanced. Nothing really special. Nose: agricole, fresh, vegetal, minty, sugarcane, sweet, honey, young wood, spice Mouth: agricole, fresh, vegetal, grass, creamy, intense, dry, woody, chocolate, vanilla, honey, sugarcane, light Finish: short, woody(oak), vanilla, young wood, herbal, sweet”


Fresh Vegetal Sugarcane Sweet Young wood


Fresh Woody Vegetal Creamy Dark chocolate

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Rhum Agricole AOC
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Creole Column
1 years
No. of bottles
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

77 €
Ø Market value

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About the Neisson distillery

The Neisson distillery is located in Martinique. Rums from Neisson have been reviewed 2,169 times with an average of 8.4/10.

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