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Bellamy‘s Reserve REV

Perola • Enmore

91 /10026 ratings

242 EUR


Facts about the rum

Bellamy‘s Reserve
Made from
Pot Still
27 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

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The Bellamy‘s Reserve REV was produced in Guyana at the Enmore distillery. It was selected and bottled by the independent bottler Perola. It was distilled in 1994 from Molasses with a Pot Still and then aged for 27 years. The rum is bottled at cask strength and has an ABV of 46,2% and the mark is REV. This is a limited release and there are only 137 bottles.

26 community members rated this rum with an average of 91/100. The rum smells like Leather, Coffee and Red fruits, and on the palate there is Roasted, Woody and Intense.


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Community reviews

91 /10026 ratings

What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Bellamy‘s Reserve REV is based on 26 user reviews. The RumX community has discovered the following associations:

Nosing associations

Leather Coffee Red fruits Prunes Woody Barrel Roasted

Taste associations

Roasted Woody Intense Coffee Dried fruit Leather Mocha

Finish associations

Licorice Black tea Woody Barrel Astringent Red fruits Leather

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Community comments

Already 26 users have rated this rum, leaving an average rating of 91 points. A total of 15 users have marked this rum as their favorite (90+ points).

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Extrem leckerer Enmore! Die reduzierte Trinkstärke passt super. Am Abgang etwas schnell weg, aber sonst ein hervorragender Rum! Perfekter Einstieg in die REV-Welt.

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Nase: leicht medizinisch (Jod+Heftpflaster) viel holz, etwas lakritz, cassis, brombeere, früchtebrot, etwas minze, & floraler kaffee, grapefruitschale, sehr komplex und konzentriert, macht viel Spaß beim riechen! Geschmack: bitter, kräftig, holzig, jod & lakritz, adstringierend, tannine, pelzig, leicht säuerlich, kräftiger mokka, dunkle brombeeren, etwas Lavendel, zartbitterschokolade mit >90%, ganz zum schluss bleibt richtig dick und intensiv cassis + Brombeere mit etwas minze hängen! sehr geil, nicht zu bitter oder holzig, sehr ausgewogen! :)

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Compared to other ‘94 REVs the nose is somewhat lighter but feels also more balanced and round. I get figs and some persistent glue notes. Also: Teriakyi Sauce and herbs. On the palate it also feels a little lighter, but again balances fruits versus herbs rather nicely. Most bitter finish of the batch, however.

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Very good, tasty with some notes of liquorice/mint Enmore REV. Pleasant to drink. Leather, Tobacco, black tea, wood, dried fruits, some notes of grapefruit and schnaps in the nose. Complex and very delicious in mouth, where you‘ll find all the tastes from before. Furthermore you will notice some nice notes of mint, coffe and liquorice. Finish is medium long, dry and very elegant. I really like this a lot! Alcohol is integrated very well. On one level with the RA 2020, -1 point because of the schnaps taste which i don‘t like it much. 2nd place of my enmore tasting!"

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When this rum was released the price to quality was extremely good. It's hard to find now because of the limited amount of bottles. The nose is there as soon as you pour it into the glass. Very fruity with heavy roasted oak notes without the oak being too dominant. A very intense nose that also has floral and coffee notes after resting. The palate is equally intense as well as complex and very well balanced. The roasted oak is there from the start, again without being too intense. There's a very nice fruity note with floral and minty notes. In the back i find a medicinal note. The finish is very long and also intense in a way with oak, fruits and licorice. I can detect a light smoke in the finish. A very good rum that you should give a try if possible.

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Leider 4 Punkte Abwertung gegenüber früherer Bewertung auf immer noch sehr gute 88 Punkte nach Parallelverkostung des RX12549 (siehe Begründung dort).

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Sehr gutes Fass wurde hier ausgesucht!!! Immer wieder lecker🤤

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Wegen der geringen Alkoholstärke war ich vorsichtig aber bereits die Nase zeigt sich kräftig mit roten Früchten aus einem grünen Wald in dem man den Harz der Bäume riecht. Im Geschmack ein fruchtiger REV mit angenehmen Holznoten und etwas Mokka. Der Abgang wird dann u.a. noch durch Schwarztee und leckerem Früchtebrot ergänzt.

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Ein erstklassiger Rum…von der Nase bis zum Abgang einfach nur gut! Trotz der geringen Alkoholstärke eine starke intensive durchgängige Präsenz… einzig die Fruchtnote wie beim RA fehlt…

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Phantastischer Rum! Im Vergleich zu den RA weniger fruchtig, etwas mehr Bitterkeit/Holz. Richtig gut!

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heavy spice, the herb and coffee(maybe tobacco) notes are very impressive. dry and tannins but easy to drink. drinkable one, intense for 46%abv.

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Das ist mal wieder ein Brett! Phantastischer REV (MER) 94-Enmore, der im Vergleich zum RA zwar „holziger“ ist aber auf angenehmer Weise!

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About the distillery

The distillery Enmore is located in Guyana. Rums from Enmore have been rated 1,371 times with an average of 88/100.

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