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Trelawny White DOK

Romdeluxe • Hampden

85 /10025 ratings

114 EUR


Facts about the rum

Cask number
#Batch III
Made from
Pot Still
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

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The Trelawny White DOK was produced in Jamaica at the Hampden distillery. It was selected and bottled by the independent bottler Romdeluxe. It was distilled in 2021 from Molasses with a Pot Still. The rum is bottled at cask strength and has an ABV of 85,6% and the mark is DOK. This is a limited release and there are only 150 bottles.

25 community members rated this rum with an average of 85/100. The rum smells like Ester, Pineapple and Banana, and on the palate there is Banana, Ester and Intense.


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Community reviews

85 /10025 ratings

What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Trelawny White DOK is based on 25 user reviews. The RumX community has discovered the following associations:

Nosing associations

Ester Pineapple Banana Solvents Fresh Concentrated Mango

Taste associations

Banana Ester Intense Funky Pineapple Metallic Solvents

Finish associations

Ester Banana Strawberry Pineapple Bitter Candied Green

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Community comments

Already 25 users have rated this rum, leaving an average rating of 85 points. A total of 2 users have marked this rum as their favorite (90+ points).

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Quel rhum ! Voilà Hampden dans toute sa splendeur ! D'une concentration et d'une puissance remarquable.Les fruits de la distillerie sont bien présents (Banane / Ananas / Mangue / Cerise aigre / Fraise), un énorme côté empyreumatique dû aux esters ne calme pas la bête (Cuivre / Caoutchouc / Fumée / Goudron / Solvant...).C'est épicé a la façon Jam (Girofle / Muscade / Cumin / Poivre (piment) / Cannelle).L'absence de bois nous amène un jolie côté végétale ainsi qu'une belle fraîcheur (Réglisse / Agrumes / Sève / Vert / Foin / Thè (vert/bergamote)).Il est aussi gourmand et pâtissier Crème/Brioche.

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Que dire... À part que c'est une bombe à ne pas mettre entre les mains de n'importe qui. Cette bouteille est un danger public qu'il est nécessaire de déguster pour les amoureux des high esters. Attention cependant à ne pas ce brûler la gorge sur une trop grosse gorgée

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Un rhum de très haute intensité, au nez et encore plus en bouche. Les phénols sont particulièrement présents. La finale très longue sur les fruits rouges est très agréable.

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Una bomba, concentrato di funk, ananas troppo maturo soprattutto, solvente e anche formaggio abruzzese di capra fatto da miei amici. Bocca caldissima e morbida

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Ladies and gentlemen..this is truly a little gem. Although the ABV might be frightening, it is actually very well integrated and all that alcohol dramatically enhances all the wonderful flavors that this rum brings..funk banana peel, pineapple, orange zeist, then rocky minerals, lots of flowers, medicine, pencil eraser. It gradually evolves into grass, fresh bitter almonds with a pinch of green pepper and lastly some green tea. Water is mandatory to enhance those fruity flavors (mango and papaya also come through), also making the rum a little bit more astringent. Amazing !

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C: No colour. N: Sweet vinegar. A wall of vegetables fights against a grassy mean mezcal-ish note. It´s Hampden so, of course, there is pineapple, citrus and nail polish remover/acetone. This DOK reminds me of the 2007 vintage. M: This rum wants to eat your tongue. If you can handle it, it´s sweet with notes of pineapple and mezcal. The absence of cask influence made it sharp and straight forward. Even if it sounds weird, I will define this as a Cold rum. It lacks warmth in a sense. F: Kind of buttery and candy sweet. B: Would a buy a bottle of this? No, I’m not into mixology and besides, it’s a quirky rum mostly for showing how perhaps the highest ester level in a rum is represented rather than to drinking occasionally. It´s 2cl cool for sharing but not as a whole bottle.

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About the distillery

The distillery Hampden is located in Jamaica. Rums from Hampden have been rated 5,123 times with an average of 85/100.

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