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Clarendon Jamaica Supreme Lord VIII (RX1012)

235 EUR

Ø Market Value

Very good 750 bottles Under 250€

Introducing the Jamaica Supreme Lord VIII, a 25-year-old rum produced at the Clarendon distillery in Jamaica and bottled by Rum Nation. This limited release of only 750 bottles has an ABV of 55.7% and was distilled in 1991 from molasses using a Pot Still. The tasting notes reveal a funky and sweet smell with hints of peaches, oak, and vanilla. On the palate, you can expect flavors of barrel, caramel, grapes, licorice, and sweetness. According to RumX users, this high-quality rum offers a complex, balanced profile with fruity and funky notes, making it perfect for enjoying during long evenings. Its warm, full-bodied taste has a long, woodsy finish with a hint of dried fruits and spices. Keep in mind that this rich, elegant rum requires attention and is not suitable for beginners.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Jamaica Supreme Lord VIII is based on 26 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Jamaica Supreme Lord VIII Rum is a sophisticated blend that marries dynamic notes of sherry, toffee, chocolate, and dried fruits. Its rich character reveals itself best after breathing, offering a layered, full-bodied experience finished by a lengthy, spiced aftertaste. Not for beginners!

Nosing impressions

Funky Oak Dried fruit Sherry Barrel Peaches Vanilla Banana Dried dates Sweet

Taste impressions

Barrel Prunes Spice Grapes Caramel Licorice Sweet Banana Cherry Woody


Woody Balanced Spice Barrel Licorice Dried fruit Anise Unknown Roasted Tannins

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.8 /1026 ratings

Community Rating

Already 26 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.8 out of 10. A total of 4 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Man muss ihn lange atmen lassen, der Sherry-Schleier verschwindet und es kommt eine sehr schöne Nase zum Vorschein. Im Mund dann megageil!! Sehr voll und warm. Trockenes Holz und getrocknete Früchte. Langer holziger Abgang. Toller Jamaikaner. Keine Ahnung, warum der noch erhältlich ist. Edit: Jetzt schon ein Sammlerstück.“


Sherry Olive Solvents Funky Mango


Cedar Cardboard Dried fruit Complex Warm
Profile picture of user

„If you like Jamaican funk without too much bling this is it. Unfortunately the bottle has already become pretty high priced, no wonder with this well balanced profile and the tender care used when creating it. A perfect fruity and funky nose sliding into a wonderful palate with fruits, black tea and tannins. The finish is long and very well balanced with fruit and spices. Only 750 bottles made and thus very hard to find.“


Sweet Honey Peaches Apricot Raisin


Tannins Caramel Licorice Thick Sweet
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„Um es bildlich auszudrücken, erinnert mich die Nase an einen vergorenen Trockenfrüchtekorb, dazu Piment, altes Fass, Anis, Wldkräuter, Karamellbonbon à la Werther‘s Echte. Gefällt mir extren gut! Der Gaumen enttäuscht nicht minder, Karamellsüße, Mango, Gewürze, Fass, leicht pfeffrig. Langer röstig-schokoladiger Abgang! Absolutes Spitzenteil! Besten Dank dafür nach Neuwied!“


Dried fruit Cream toffee Barrel Anise Allspice


Caramel Barrel Spice Prunes Licorice
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„Sehr trockener erhabener Rum, dem man sein Alter anmerkt. Sherry Finish ist dezent, aber spürbar. Bringt etwas rote Früchte rein, ansonsten wäre mir der Rum sicher viel zu trocken gewesen. So bleibt er ein schwerer Begleiter, der Aufmerksamkeit braucht. Nichts für schwache Nerven und keine Anfängerrum. Mir fehlt ein solider Abgang, den ich bei so einem alten Rum einfach erwarte.“

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„toller, alter Monymusk der für lange Abendstunden unterhält.“


Dried fruit Marzipan Glue Sherry Funky


Sherry Tropical fruit Anise Mango Grapes
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„Very high quality rum. And yet I am not a big fan of rums in sherry casks.“

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„Sehr schöne Nase, die geschmacklich mir aber leider ein bisschen zu viel Holz hat. Schön sind aber vor allem die Noten nach starkem Schwarztee, Cassis, Kräutern und Muskat sowie Lakritz. Sehr komplex und lecker und ausgewogen aber nicht ganz mein Geschmack!“


Sherry Oak Ester Dried fruit Peaches


Woody Thick Tannins Black tea Prunes
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„Farbe: Mahagoni Geruch: Mon Cherie - Schokolade, fruchtig (Kirsche, Dattel). Schwere Gewürze, Lebkuchen, Sherry und nasses Holz. Geschmack: Im Mund Toffee, Schokolade und Gewürze. Beim Schlucken würzig und vollmundig, viel Toffee und Schokolade, mit Sherry und edlem Holz. Schwach fruchtig (Dattel, Dörrpflaume). Wirklich sehr lecker. Abgang: Lang Würzig und holzig, Toffee, Schokolade, trocken.“


Fruity Dark chocolate Cherry Dates Spice


Toffee Dark chocolate Spice Spicy FullBodied
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„oh, that's great“

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
Pot Still
25 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

The RumX community has already added 35 bottles to their collections:








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About the Clarendon distillery

The distillery Clarendon is located in Jamaica. Rums from Clarendon have been reviewed 2,646 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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