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Jamaica is the third-largest island in the Caribbean. Originally home to the Taino people, the island came under Spanish rule in 1464 and was reconquered by England in 1655, becoming an essential source of sugar and rum; part of the region’s plantation economy. The Royal Navy relied on the island’s rum for their daily liquor rations!

And although the country gained independence in 1962, the island’s rum is still the very essence of British-style sugarcane spirits. Rum here is dark, it can’t contain added sugar, and it’s notoriously aromatic.

Jamaican rum has high amounts of esters, fruit aromas fondly known as “funk,” proper of slow fermentations, often relying on native yeast, and extended oak ageing. Adding “dunder” or the leftover deposits precipitated after distillation into the new batches is also typical in Jamaica and is the source of the spirit’s fragrant intensity and complexity. Large copper stills also play a role in the island’s sugarcane spirit.

There are six major distilleries in Jamaica, led by Appleton State and Hampden Estate, and a GI or Geographical Indication protects the rum’s identity since 2016. The country’s rum quality is better than ever, especially for rum distilled and bottled on the island — a long-lasting tradition of blending (and adulterating) Jamaican rum overseas is still prevalent but now frowned upon.

Dark, full-bodied and complex, there’s no doubt Jamaican rum has character. This might very well be the finest example of English-style rum: no added sugar and high ester levels make Jamaican rum crowd-pleasing delicious.

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Flavour profile of Jamaica rums

With RumX you can record your tasting impressions. The RumX community has discovered the following flavor profile:

Nosing associations

Ester Banana Tropical fruit Pineapple Vanilla Glue Woody

Taste associations

Ester Tropical fruit Banana Woody Pineapple Vanilla Spicy

Finish associations

Woody Tropical fruit Ester Spicy Dry Bitter Barrel

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