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Barbados is a 167 square-mile island in the Lesser Antilles and it’s the most easterly in the Caribbean. Spanish conquerors took hold of the island in the 15th century, and it was under Portuguese rule for a while as well. The island was abandoned in 1620 but reclaimed by the British in 1625; they controlled the Caribbean island for the next three hundred years.

The sugarcane arrived on Barbados in 1640, and the island became a sugar and rum powerhouse fuelled by the slave trade, mainly by plantations worked by enslaved Africans. Barbados is the “birthplace of Caribbean rum”, and the style is inherently British.

Four major distilleries call Barbados home: Foursquare, Mount Gay, St. Nicholas Abbey and West Indies Rum Distillery. The rum style is darker and fuller compared to other Caribbean rums, thanks to higher molasses concentration and the use of pot stills. The rum usually ages in ex-Bourbon barrels for long periods, making the style particularly appealing for whiskey drinkers.

Although column stills are now also used by the island’s rum producers, pot stills are still relevant, differentiating this rum style from others. For reference, Barbados rum is more similar to what you’d find in Jamaica than the rum produced in Spanish- and French-style producing countries — it has no added sugar.

Barbadian rum producers are pushing for their own Geographical Indication, standardising and improving the rum quality and international exposure. Still, producers have yet to agree on what Barbados rum should be and how it should be produced and aged. The future is bright, though, for Barbados rum.

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Flavour profile of Barbados rums

With RumX you can record your tasting impressions. The RumX community has discovered the following flavor profile:

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Vanilla Woody Coconut Caramel Dried fruit Fruity Raisin

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Vanilla Woody Caramel Coconut Sweet Oak Spicy

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Woody Vanilla Oak Spicy Roasted Chocolate Dry

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