RumX Awards 2023

Big picture

Welcome to the final part of the RumX Awards 2023, where we broaden our horizon beyond the ultra-premium segment and explore the current big picture in the world of rum. This part aims to provide a comprehensive overview, focusing on the most popular countries and distilleries, as well as the most tasted and purchased releases. Let’s embark on this exploration!

17 December 2023

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Best rum producing countries 2023

In this segment of the RumX Awards, we spotlight the countries that have significantly influenced the rum world this year. We've analyzed only new releases from December 1st, 2022, to December 1st, 2023, focusing on countries that not only launched at least 10 new rums but also garnered over 100 community reviews. This approach helps us understand which countries are leading the charge in terms of innovation, popularity, and community engagement.


These trends provide valuable insights into the evolving tastes and preferences within the rum community. They reflect a growing interest in a diverse array of rum styles and origins, and the increasing willingness of enthusiasts to explore new and unique offerings from around the globe. Let's take a closer look at the top performers.

Top rated

  1. Trinidad: 8.33/10 (1,010 ratings)
  2. Guyana: 8.28/10 (1,536 ratings)
  3. Saint Lucia: 8.27/10 (324 ratings)
  4. Martinique: 8.18/10 (1,097 ratings)
  5. Jamaica: 8.17/10 (3,111 ratings)
  6. Reunion: 8.06/10 (528 ratings)
  7. Guadeloupe: 8.04/10 (747 ratings)
  8. Barbados: 8.03/10 (831 ratings)
  9. Belize: 7.94/10 (222 ratings)
  10. Australia: 7.94/10 (223 ratings)

This year's data reveals a fascinating landscape of rum production and appreciation. The dominance of Jamaica in terms of taste preferences and the sheer volume of ratings is notable, indicating a strong preference for their unique rum style among our community. Guyana and Martinique also stand out, both in terms of ratings and the number of new releases, showcasing their significant impact in the rum world.

Most tasted

  1. Jamaica: 3,111 ratings
  2. Guyana: 1,536 ratings
  3. Martinique: 1,097 ratings

Most new releases

  1. Martinique: 797 releases
  2. Jamaica: 692 releases
  3. Guyana: 436 releases

Most controversial

  1. Cuba: 13.45 standard deviation
  2. Venezuela: 12.73 standard deviation
  3. Mauritius: 11.83 standard deviation

The high standard deviations in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Mauritius indicate a wide range of opinions among rum enthusiasts, suggesting diverse and perhaps polarizing profiles in their rum offerings.

Most Popular Distilleries

In this category, we've applied the same criteria as we did for the most popular countries: Only new releases were considered, and we looked at distilleries that had at least 100 community reviews between December 1st, 2022, and December 1st, 2023. Additionally, only those distilleries with at least 10 new releases were included in our evaluation.


  1. Enmore: 8.60/10 (395 ratings)
  2. Caroni: 8.58/10 (355 ratings)
  3. New Yarmouth: 8.51/10 (246 ratings)
  4. J. Bally: 8.51/10 (102 ratings)
  5. Appleton Estate: 8.40/10 (134 ratings)
  6. T.D.L: 8.36/10 (607 ratings)
  7. Neisson: 8.35/10 (138 ratings)
  8. Clarendon: 8.34/10 (469 ratings)
  9. Bielle: 8.34/10 (207 ratings)
  10. Saint Lucia Distillers: 8.28/10 (320 ratings)

The top distilleries list for 2023 showcases a diverse range of rum producers who have made a significant impact in the industry.

Enmore leads the chart with a notable average rating of 8.6/10 points, showing the community's admiration for their releases. Caroni, with its legendary status and a large number of releases, continues to fascinate rum enthusiasts. Distilleries like J. Bally, Appleton Estate, and T.D.L have proven their excellence with high average ratings and a good number of reviews. Hampden emerges as the most tasted distillery, reflecting its widespread popularity and accessibility.

Lineup of some Velier Caroni rums

Most Tasted Distilleries

  1. Hampden: 1,171 ratings
  2. T.D.L: 607 ratings
  3. Foursquare: 581 ratings

These results reveal the preferences and trends within the rum community, with a clear inclination towards well-established names known for their quality and consistency. The diversity in this list also highlights the global nature of rum production and enjoyment.

Most Tasted Releases (All-Time)

In this segment we explore the 'Most Tasted Rums' category, highlighting those rums that have stood the test of time in terms of popularity. For this category, we considered all rum releases, regardless of their release date, focusing on community reviews between December 1st, 2022, and December 1st, 2023.

Short RumX logo1

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary


373 ratings

Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary

Maison Ferrand • West Indies
10yr - 15yr   40%   €

Short RumX logo3

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Diplomático / Botucal Reserva Exclusiva


366 ratings

Diplomático / Botucal Reserva Exclusiva

Destilerías Unidas S. A.
12yr   40%   €

Short RumX logo4

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Ron Zacapa Solera Centenario 23


359 ratings

Ron Zacapa Solera Centenario 23

Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala
<23yr   40%   €€

Short RumX logo7

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Bumbu The Original


241 ratings

Bumbu The Original

15yr   35%   €

Short RumX logo5

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Black Spiced Rum


194 ratings

Black Spiced Rum

2yr   47%   €

Short RumX logo2

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Don Papa Rum


177 ratings

Don Papa Rum

Bleeding Heart Rum Company
7yr   40%   €

Short RumX logo11

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Pure Single Jamaican Rum


171 ratings

Pure Single Jamaican Rum

8yr   46%   €€

Short RumX logo605

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Don Papa Baroko


157 ratings

Don Papa Baroko

Bleeding Heart Rum Company
40%   €

Short RumX logo21

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum El Dorado 12


21 ratings

El Dorado 12

Demerara Distillers Ltd
12yr   40%   €

Short RumX logo9

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Plantation Stiggins‘ Fancy Pineapple Rum


130 ratings

Plantation Stiggins‘ Fancy Pineapple Rum

Maison Ferrand • Multi Distilleries
15yr   40%   €


The list is predominated by standard rums that are widely available and found in many bars, supermarkets, and home collections. These rums are typically the first encounter for many on their rum journey, serving as daily sippers and gateways into the wider world of rum. The dominance of these rums is evident in their review numbers: The top three most tasted rums have amassed a total of 1,031 ratings, in contrast to the top three most tasted new releases of 2023, which collectively gathered 291 ratings in the same period.

Notably, the best-rated rum on this list, Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary, is also the most tasted. This rum has been a first high-quality rum experience for many enthusiasts, enjoyed neat and often leading them to explore more diverse and sophisticated rums. A big congratulation to Plantation for achieving this exceptional balance of accessibility and quality.

Most Purchased Releases (All-Time)

As part of our comprehensive review of the rum world in 2023, we now turn our attention to the 'Most Purchased Rums' category. This ranking showcases the buying trends within our community and includes rums of all ages and origins. The criteria were straightforward: we considered all rum releases, regardless of their release date, and focused on bottle purchases recorded in the app between December 1st, 2022, and December 1st, 2023.


Let's talk about the rums our RumX community members bought the most over the last year. This part of our awards shows what kind of rums people like to have in their homes:

  1. Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary: 705 bottles
  2. Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva: 657 bottles
  3. Ron Zacapa Solera Centenario 23: 464 bottles
  4. Bumbu The Original: 328 bottles
  5. Hampden Great House 2022: 327 bottles
  6. Velier Foursquare Raconteur: 324 bottles
  7. Don Papa Baroko: 312 bottles
  8. Foursquare ECS XXI 2010: 296 bottles
  9. Don Papa Rum 7 Years: 292 bottles
  10. Saint James Les Éphémères No. 6: 280 bottles


First, it's pretty amazing how much rum our members are into. They added 76,974 bottles to their collections recently! If you add up the price of all these bottles, it's around 11.5 million euros. That's a lot of rum and shows how much our community members love and spend on their favorite spirit.


Tracked bottles

€ 11.5m

Collection value

The list of these top bought rums is really interesting. It's a mix of rums that you can easily find in most bars or shops and some special, limited ones that are hard to get. This mix shows that our RumX community is really diverse. We have people who are just starting to get into rum and others who are always looking for rare and special bottles.

The most bought rum is Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary. Our members bought 705 bottles of it last year! This rum is liked a lot because it's good quality but also easy to find and buy. It's often the first fancy rum people try and enjoy without mixing.

What's cool about this list is it shows how different and wide-ranging our RumX community is. RumX isn't just for the experts; it's also great for people who are new to rum. We love seeing this kind of mix because it means more and more people are getting into rum, which is exciting!

Concluding Thoughts

As we conclude the RumX Awards 2023, it's important to acknowledge that while the ultra-premium segment represents the pinnacle of rum craftsmanship, the broader spectrum of readily available standard rums forms the backbone of our community. These rums are often the starting point for many enthusiasts and continue to be a staple for both newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Their ongoing availability and popularity are a testament to the ever-growing rum community and its diverse preferences. Here's to celebrating all facets of rum – from the rare gems to the beloved classics that keep the spirit of exploration alive in the rum world!