7 October 2022

What's new in the RumX app? Follow your friends!

Over the past weeks, we have evaluated the incredible amount of feedback from the last RumX survey, aggregated it and poured it into a roadmap. Once again, a big thank you to all of you who participated and are actively shaping the future of RumX - you're awesome!

We were so motivated by your great feedback that we got straight to work and have already implemented some of the most requested features. Are you excited about what's new? In the coming articles, we will introduce you to the innovations in detail. Let's start with the most requested feature: Follow your friends.

Background and motivation

Based on the user survey conducted in summer 2022, we were able to derive the following insight: With RumX's strong user growth and the resulting number of daily tasting notes, the tasting feed became more and more cluttered. On the one hand, there were simply too many tasting reviews to browse, and on the other hand, many of them were simply not relevant regarding personal preferences (cask strength rums, sweetened rums, …).

That's why the request for a more personal community part kept growing. In particular, the possibility to follow individual users, and thus no longer miss when a friend has discovered a new favourite rum, was mentioned very often.

We immediately felt that this improvement was a great addition to the existing community space and will ensure that the largest rum community in the world grows even closer together.

Screenshot of Jakob's in-app user profile and app menu

How to follow a user?

The user's profile has been extended by a follower section. There you can see both who the user already follows and which users have subscribed to his tastings. You will also find a button to follow the user in order to add their tasting impressions to your personal feed.

You can also give your user profile a more personal touch by adding a short bio. Doing so, other community members get to know who is behind it and how the ratings are to be interpreted.

You have many possibilities to follow a user. For example, you can search for a specific person via the burger menu (Find friends) or you can click on the user picture when browsing tasting impressions in the global feed or a rum page.

How to discover new posts?

There are now several ways to explore the tasting impressions of the community. As before, via the Show user posts button in the description page of a rum, via the global feed that provides the posts of the entire community (menu entry: Latest tastings) or via the new, personalized feed in the Community tab.

Are you still looking for interesting users, who are highly popular in the community due to their detailed tasting reviews? Then take a look at the daily updated rankings (menu item: Community charts). Here you will find the most active community members by number of tastings and likes, as well as the users who attract the most followers.

Download the new RumX app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and give it a try:

Download app on app store Download app on google play
Screenshot of the community charts: The most popular RumX users based on follower count


What do you think about the new feature? Do you already have some suggestions for improvement? We appreciate any feedback so that we can make the app a little bit better for you every day!