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19 June 2024

Just by using your RumX loyalty points, you could explore six incredible rums from the renowned Savanna distillery. Keep reading to find out how you can join this exclusive online masterclass with Samuel Pitarch on July 12, 2024!

A Memorable Michelin Experience: Savanna Rum at Blanc Paris

As huge fans of Savanna rums, we at RumX were excited to be part of a very special event at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Blanc in Paris. The evening’s host was Chef Shinichi Sato, known for his deep love for Savanna rums. He hosted the launch of the new "Edition Blanc Paris" rum at his restaurant, making the evening truly memorable.

Interior design of the Restaurant Blanc in ParisThe event celebrated the growing popularity of high-quality rum and how well it fits into world-class cooking. Guests enjoyed a carefully planned menu where each dish was paired with a different Savanna rum, showing off the rums’ taste and Chef Sato’s culinary creativity.

Food-paring with Savanna Rums at Restaurant Blanc in Paris: First courseThis evening was more than just a tasting. It was a perfect example of how premium rum is now a big part of fine dining, proving just how exceptional and versatile Savanna's rums are. The "Blanc Paris Edition" (RX20222) was introduced as a highlight, blending the lush flavors of Reunion Island with Chef Sato’s elegant dishes, and showing the perfect mix of old traditions and new ideas in every sip and bite.

Food-paring with Savanna Rums at Restaurant Blanc in Paris: Second course

Interview with Shinichi Sato and Sam Pitarch

During the Savanna event at Restaurant Blanc, we caught up with Samuel Pitarch (head of marketing at Savanna distillery) and Chef Shinichi Sato. Join us as they discuss merging old traditions with innovative cooking.

Exclusive interview with chef Shinichi SatoRumX: Sam, can you tell us more about how rum is made in La Réunion and what makes Savanna's approach unique?

Samuel Pitarch: Absolutely! At Savanna Distillery, we take a distinctive path by producing both molasses-based rums and agricole rums. This dual approach allows us to capture the full spectrum of flavors that our island's sugar cane can offer. While molasses rum remains central to our production due to La Réunion’s rich sugar industry heritage, we also embrace the fresh, grassy notes of agricole rum, which is made directly from sugar cane juice. This versatility is quite unique in the rum world and showcases our commitment to exploring all aspects of rum production.

We are particularly known for our high ester rums, including the Grand Arôme and HERR profiles, which are a specialty at Savanna. These rums involve a complex fermentation process that encourages the development of high ester compounds, resulting in intensely flavorful and aromatic rums. These specific rums are crafted to capture the bold, exotic flavors that are characteristic of our tropical environment.

RumX: Chef Sato, how did you develop a passion for rum?

Shinichi Sato: My journey into the world of spirits started with wine and whisky, influenced by my training in French cuisine. However, the high prices of whisky led me to explore other spirits, and that's when I discovered rum. Initially, I found rum a bit too sweet for my palate, but after meeting Atsushi Nakayama and tasting a Savanna rum, I was truly captivated by the high ester profiles, which marked the start of my deep dive into exceptional rums.

RumX: Sam, can you tell us more about the rum selected for Restaurant Blanc in Paris?

Samuel Pitarch: The rum chosen for Restaurant Blanc is a standout 14-year-old Savanna bottling. It matured first in stainless steel tanks for six years to enhance its fruity esters, then aged in oak casks for another eight years to develop a rich, complex profile, making it ideal for discerning palates.

This rum is particularly special because it comes from a HERR single cask - High Ester Rum Réunion, which is known for its intense flavors and aromatic richness. These casks are rare and highlight the tropical essence of our surroundings. Selected in close collaboration with Chef Sato and Nakayama, this cask exemplifies the unique fusion of innovation and tradition in Savanna rums, perfectly complementing the exquisite offerings at Restaurant Blanc.

The star of the evening: The HERR Single Cask Rum selected by Chef SatoRumX: Chef Sato, how do you incorporate this special rum into your menu?

Shinichi Sato: The unique profile of the rum we selected is incredibly versatile in culinary applications. Just a few drops can transform a dish, adding a special twist that complements my style of French cuisine influenced by Japanese precision and creativity.

The kitchen team in action during the event at the Blanc Paris restaurantRumX: Sam, what does it mean for Savanna to collaborate with a Michelin-starred restaurant like Blanc?

Samuel Pitarch: Collaborating with Restaurant Blanc is truly an honor for us at Savanna. This partnership goes beyond just introducing our rum to a new market; it's a powerful affirmation of mutual respect and shared dedication to excellence that Chef Sato exemplifies through his cuisine. It's about crafting a unique experience that perfectly encapsulates both our brands.

Moreover, this collaboration with a Michelin-starred restaurant like Blanc is not just a milestone for Savanna but also a significant moment for the world of premium rums. It underscores the exceptional quality and versatility of our spirits, showcasing them as sophisticated and refined, on par with the world’s best wines and whiskies. This partnership highlights the remarkable potential of high-quality rum to shine in the most prestigious gastronomic contexts.

RumX: Finally, how did this collaboration come about?

Samuel Pitarch: The collaboration sparked from a foundation of mutual respect and a shared passion for rum. Chef Sato had long been intrigued by the idea of selecting a specific cask to highlight in his restaurant. Through his connection with Atsushi Nakayama, a long-time friend and collaborator of ours at Savanna, the idea gradually took shape.

One fun anecdote from the cask picking process involves a tasting session we held in our cellar. Chef Sato and Nakayama were presented with several casks, each with its unique profile. The decision was tough, but a particular cask — now known as the "Edition Blanc Paris" — stood out because it struck the perfect balance between complex fruitiness and mature woodiness, which Chef Sato felt would perfectly complement his culinary style. Their excitement was palpable as they explored the nuanced flavors, and their choice has since matured into the deep, fruitful collaboration we cherish today.

RumX: Thank you, Sam and Chef Sato, for sharing your profound insights and stories with us.

The breathtaking rum selection in the restaurant bar

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